Emotional Intelligence

Optimising Influence – Targeted emotional intelligence training

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Influencing requires understanding and engaging people to affect positive outcomes. Influential people pay attention to emotions to uncover clues about how to motivate people, and use emotions intelligently to increase their impact.

Schneider Electric: Next generation of global leaders

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Developing the next positive, emotionally intelligent leaders globally.
As global energy management specialists with 140,000 employees over 100 countries in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and the […]

MSCEIT Certification: Advanced Emotional Intelligence Training

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Learn to predict and develop emotional intelligence with the only abilities-based EI tool. MSCEIT provides unprecedented insights to enhance people’s success and improve business outcomes.

Increasing your Effectiveness with Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business today. Emotional Intelligence underpins our capacity to perform in our roles, manage pressure and make good decisions. […]

Foundations of Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a critical skill in business, underpinning people’s capacity to work well with others, manage stress and make decisions. This one-day workshop equips you with the foundations.

Emotional Intelligence at Work


The science and practice of emotional intelligence.
Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business today. Soft skills such as empathy and listening rank highest among […]

Managing People with Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence gives us the “people savvy” to get the best out of others. More than knowledge, technical skills or traditional measures of intelligence, this […]

The Emotionally Intelligent Adviser

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Expert advisers master emotional intelligence to build trusting client relationships. This two-day program is specifically designed to equip finance professionals to succeed in new regulatory environments.

Oracle: Emotionally intelligent leaders

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Developing emotional intelligence in leaders and building cohesive teams.
We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Oracle Corporation, a global IT innovator with US $38 […]

Senior executive: A leader’s success story

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Transforming the emotional intelligence and people skills of a senior executive.
A Group Strategy Manager at a multinational pharmaceutical company had been advised to improve his […]

Perpetual: Emotional intelligence for advisers

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Building emotionally intelligent financial advisers.
Perpetual is one of Australia’s most experienced investment services groups. They wanted their advisers to master the art of emotional intelligence […]