Schneider Electric: Next generation of global leaders

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Developing the next positive, emotionally intelligent leaders globally.
As global energy management specialists with 140,000 employees over 100 countries in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and the […]

i4 Neuroleader Certification


A new brain-based approach to leading in the 21st century
Discover the core ‘brain and body’ abilities that have a direct impact on leadership effectiveness, productivity, […]

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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The higher a leader rises in an organisation, the more emotional intelligence matters. Soft skills such as empathy and listening rank highest among the qualities […]

The Neuroscience of Leadership

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Our understanding of the brain has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. The field of neuroscience is bringing new insights into how our brains […]

Leading with the Brain in Mind


To lead people we first need to be able to lead ourselves. Leading with the brain in mind helps us bring out the best in […]

Managing People with Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence gives us the “people savvy” to get the best out of others. More than knowledge, technical skills or traditional measures of intelligence, this […]

Positive Leadership

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Developing exceptional leaders and high performing teams.
Positive Leadership offers a new lens on developing leaders who become powerful enablers of organisational performance and growth.

Traditional leadership […]

Leadership for Women


Harness your strengths as a powerful, authentic female leader.
Companies with women in top management positions outperform those that don’t invest in gender diversity. Yet female […]

Oracle: Emotionally intelligent leaders

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Developing emotional intelligence in leaders and building cohesive teams.
We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Oracle Corporation, a global IT innovator with US $38 […]

Senior executive: A leader’s success story

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Transforming the emotional intelligence and people skills of a senior executive.
A Group Strategy Manager at a multinational pharmaceutical company had been advised to improve his […]

La Trobe University: A strong executive team

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Building a high performing, strategic leadership team by playing to strengths.
La Trobe University’s Division of Marketing and Engagement wanted to develop a strong, cohesive and […]