We deliver programs on the neuroscience of leadership, positive leadership, customer service excellence, emotional intelligence for financial advisers, our flagship programme Leading with Emotional Intelligence, and more. Programmes can be adapted to suit your talent strategy, business goals, audience and industry.

Explore a selection of popular programmes we can deliver in your organisation.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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The higher a leader rises in an organisation, the more emotional intelligence matters. Soft skills such as empathy and listening rank highest among the qualities […]

The Neuroscience of Leadership

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Our understanding of the brain has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. The field of neuroscience is bringing new insights into how our brains […]

Foundations of Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a critical skill in business today, underpinning people’s capacity to work well with others, manage stress and make effective decisions. Emotional intelligence […]

The Emotionally Intelligent Adviser

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Masterful advice conversations.
Expert advisers are masters at using emotional intelligence to deepen client relationships and instil trust. A recent study by the Association of Financial […]

Positive Leadership

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Developing exceptional leaders and high performing teams.
Positive Leadership offers a new lens on developing leaders who become powerful enablers of organisational performance and growth.

Traditional leadership […]

Leadership for Women


Harness your strengths as a powerful, authentic female leader.
Companies with women in top management positions outperform those that don’t invest in gender diversity. Yet female […]

Customer Service Excellence


The art and science of engaging customers and teams.
Advances in brain science and psychology are revealing the why as well as the how of great […]

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