Masterful advice conversations.

Expert advisers are masters at using emotional intelligence to deepen client relationships and instil trust. A recent study by the Association of Financial Advisers found that what differentiates leading advisers in the eyes of clients are actually the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence that complement the adviser’s technical skills. Clients rated capabilities such as empathy, listening and understanding client needs a massive 82% above professional reputation, quality of advice and other factors.

Developing these skills provides a clear pathway to becoming a trusted adviser. Industry groups that offer emotional intelligence training are likely to develop stronger networks with better performing advisers and practices.

The emotionally intelligent adviser is specifically designed to equip professional financial advisers and professionals with the emotional intelligence skills of masterful advisers to earn trust in new regulatory environments. The program integrates emotional intelligence skills with a best-practice client engagement process to develop the highest level of engagement in advice conversations.

8 reasons you will benefit from this leading-edge training:

  • Build confidence and mastery as a trusted adviser
  • Discover how and why the brain reacts emotionally and how to make more effective decisions
  • Develop the emotional intelligence to handle your responses–and client’s–to achieve positive outcomes in every conversation
  • Learn to deepen rapport and trust by understanding what’s really happening in meetings and interactions
  • Identify and manage the most difficult client emotions and reactions, including reactions to personal financial stress, market volatility, investment and longevity risk
  • Practice your emotional intelligence skills in life-like client conversations
  • Gain an accurate assessment of your emotional intelligence capabilities and development areas
  • Receive coaching around your emotions and behaviour in a supportive group and confidential one-on-one session

Advisers in financial service firms and bank networks; advisers in private practice, and technical advice specialists.

The Emotionally Intelligent Adviser blends theory with practice over two days of training or four half-day sessions, plus personal assessment, feedback and support. Each participant receives a Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment, profile, 60 minute debrief and follow-up coaching session.

Participants can earn 28 Continuing Professional Development points from the Financial Planning Association, the highest awarded to any training.

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