Identify and develop emotional intelligence skills.

Identify and develop the emotional intelligence skills crucial to success in leadership, sales, teamwork and customer service. Genos EI is a leading EI tool designed to assess self-awareness, understanding others, personal resilience and influencing ability.

Genos EI Model

Developed by Ben Palmer and Con Stough from Swinburne University, Genos EI is one of only a handful of internationally recognised emotional intelligence tools and measures specific workplace behaviours.

The Genos EI model involves seven core emotional intelligence skills: self-awareness, awareness of others, emotional expression, emotional reasoning, emotional self-management, emotional management of others and emotional self-control. These skills can be used to develop the productive states emotionally intelligent individuals experience to become present, authentic, empathic, expansive, resilient, empowering and centred.

Practical applications for organisations

Genos EI is used as a framework to assess and develop soft skills in leadership, sales, teamwork and customer service, and identify people who will be exceptional in these roles. Combined with coaching and learning programs to increase how frequently people demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviour, Genos EI has been shown to deliver significant returns in employee engagement, leadership effectiveness, customer satisfaction and sales revenue. With a range of self-assessment and multi-rater tools, Genos EI provides tangible benchmarks for improvement.

We use Genos EI in our Emotionally Intelligent Adviser program to help financial advisors develop the emotional intelligence skills that will earn trust and client loyalty.

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Our Genos EI assessments are provided by our partner company Emotional Intelligence Worldwide.

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