Harness your strengths as a powerful, authentic female leader.

Companies with women in top management positions outperform those that don’t invest in gender diversity. Yet female talent is often not leveraged–-by organisations or by women themselves. Women with the talent, smarts and persistence to lead need to be supported and encouraged to fulfil their potential and add value back to their companies. By building on natural capabilities and confidence, while effectively managing the challenges faced as leaders in today’s business environment, women can forge a strong and authentic leadership presence.

Leadership for Women is a two-day program designed specifically for women to develop the presence, confidence and leadership skills for more senior positions. It takes a positive and practical approach by empowering women to harness their leadership strengths and build a foundation for influence, resilience and success. Every skill and strategy is grounded in science and translated into tools you can integrate into your own style of leadership and personal brand.

This training will enable you to:

  • Harness your strengths to achieve career goals and add value to your company
  • Develop a powerful, authentic leadership presence and brand
  • Empower your team to perform above and beyond expectations
  • Foster the confidence and skills to successfully manage female leader challenges
  • Integrate masterful leadership practices into your management style
  • Leverage others by building a strong network and a motivated team
  • Communicate with influence to engage and bring out the best in people
  • Manage the transition from employee to leader

Executive women, female leaders and managers on track for a leadership career.

Contact us to bring this program to your organisation or professional network.

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