Everyone has strengths and the potential to develop them to become happier, more engaged and fulfilled in work and life.

It’s a myth that we need to focus on improving our weaknesses to be the best we can be. The reverse is true. Strengths are at the heart of positive psychology—building on what we do well and can do even better enables us to flourish and succeed. Research shows that when we use our strengths, we enjoy what we are doing, do it better, and feel we are working toward our potential. We get a buzz that adds to our confidence and competence. We learn, grow, persist and become happier over time.

Realising your strengths and helping others do the same creates a positive platform to manage performance and develop in your role.

This interactive and inspiring workshop or skill bite explores

  • Why strengths matter and the benefits of playing to your strengths
  • A positive framework for realising your strengths
  • Recognising and developing strengths in others
  • Practical tips to leverage your strengths at work.
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