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Who are the Langley Group?

The Langley Group is a leading global consulting and people development training company founded in 2002 by Sue Langley: a researcher, keynote speaker, global consultant, and positive leadership expert.

Our mission is to help individuals and organisations make positive change. We believe that boosting the wellbeing of your people utilising the latest positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience tools will create an environment for your people and business to flourish.

Once you learn how to work to your strengths, increase your resilience, understand your emotions and communicate them clearly, you will be more productive in your work and happier in your life.

What do the Langley Group do?

The Langley Group focus on helping you build a positive culture that drives engagement and performance and equip your people and organisation with the foundational abilities to succeed and thrive.

We synthesise science into simple tools anyone can use and our positive, evidence-based approach challenges you to think differently and primes you to achieve positive outcomes for yourself and your organisation that are sustainable over time. We bring learning to life with experiential activities and tangible techniques people can apply every day at work to achieve results.

How do we do it?

Sue and the Langley Group team pioneer practice and design flexible solutions through training programmes and workshops, keynote speaking, coaching sessions, courses, virtual learning, psychometric assessments, accreditations and consulting to develop individual, team and organisational capability.

What are the Langley Group’s purpose, vision and values?

The Langley Group purpose is to inspire and equip individuals, teams, and organisations to show up more frequently as the best version of themselves.

Our vision is to be global leaders in the practical application of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.

Our values as outlined below guide everything we do as a business.

  • Relationships. Cultivating lasting positive connections with our clients and team.
  • Professionalism. Ensuring the highest standards to be the best we can be.
  • Intelligence. Teaching the science and being intelligent with emotions.
  • Growth. Learning and developing ourselves and others.
  • Authenticity. Fostering our awareness, realising our strengths and practicing what we teach.
  • Zest. Living life with excitement and energy and transferring positive emotions.
  • Aesthetics. Savouring all the senses and bringing learning beautifully to life.

Where does the Langley Group work?

Langley Group’s head office is based in Sydney, and we have consultants around Australia, in New Zealand, UK, and Europe.

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