About Us

What we do

At Langley Group we work with organisations to help them develop and make the most of their people through learning and development. Whether running a leadership programme, accrediting individuals in the latest psychometric tools, or inspiring people to strive and achieve though future-focused keynotes, we build everything we do on the science and research of human flourishing. We are experts in the fields of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience.


To inspire and equip individuals, teams, and organisations to show up more frequently as the best version of themselves


To be global leaders in the practical application of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience


Long-lasting relationships with clients
Highest, professional standards
Teaching science intelligently
Learning and developing self and others
Practice what we teach
Live and love life!


Langley Group consultants are knowledgeable, engaging and personable, and bring a wealth of experience from a broad range of professional sectors.

  • Sue Langley
    Sue LangleyFounder and CEO
  • Jacqui Martin
    Jacqui MartinCOO/Senior Consultant
  • Camilla Maison
    Camilla MaisonSenior Consultant
  • Tania Read
    Tania ReadGeneral Manager UK EMEA and Americas
  • Melanie Weir
    Melanie WeirPositive HR and Senior Consultant
  • Emma Hodgson
    Emma HodgsonSenior Consultant

Corporate Responsibility

At Langley Group we take our responsibility as a business very seriously.

Everything we do, every day, is values driven, encouraging and affirming positive impact and reducing negative impact.

We offer favourable rates for Not For Profit organisations and also donate our time to assist those organisations to be the best they can be. We work with the social enterprise Helping Hands Program assisting them to facilitate team engagement, and we donate hands to landmine victims through our Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.