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  • Jacqui Martin
    Jacqui Martin
    Jacqui Martin is the Head of Strategy and Projects and a Senior Consultant for Langley Group, who is passionate about building individual and team capability through transforming the way people relate and connect in the workplace. Jacqui’s uncanny ability to read a room and connect with people enables her to excel at communicating new and complex ideas and information. Jacqui believes that the time we spend at work should be fulfilling, positive and rewarding, and she uses her own experience working as an executive in complex, multi-layered and sensitive organisations, to engage with others in this space. As a dynamic facilitator […]
  • Agapi Markogiannakis
    Agapi Markogiannakis
    Agapi Markogiannakis is a consultant and facilitator with Langley Group, bringing over 20 years experience facilitating and designing training and development programmes.
  • Eva Herber
    Eva Herber
    Eva Herber is a facilitator working with Langley Group to deliver positive psychology interventions and training for individuals and companies.
  • Frances Totney
    Frances Totney
    Frances Totney is an engaging educator who provides study and learning support for those students lucky enough to enrol in the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.
  • Anna Webb
    Anna Webb
    Anna Webb is an engaging facilitator working with Langley Group, to assist organisations to effect desired change that achieves business objectives.
  • Kelvyn Steggles
    Kelvyn Steggles
    Kelvyn Steggles is a consultant, facilitator and executive coach who creates high performing leaders and senior leadership teams.
  • Jon Pratlett
    Jon Pratlett
    Jon Pratlett has over two decades of experience, coupled with extensive study and on-the-ground action, supporting leaders and their teams to steward organisations towards their desired state.
  • Bhavna Sehgal
    Bhavna Sehgal
    Bhavna Sehgal works with Langley Group as a transformational coach, facilitator and organisational development practitioner.
  • Dr Liz Stanley
    Dr Liz Stanley
    Dr Liz Stanley is a consultant, facilitator and coach with Langley Group, with extensive experience in helping leaders, teams and organisations create the changes in behaviour and culture they need to achieve positive business outcomes.
  • Yulia Zlatkin
    Yulia Zlatkin
    Yulia Zlatkin is a facilitator, coach, and learning designer who pushes the boundaries of traditional leadership development in Australian businesses. Her leadership and culture change initiatives provoke real learning and challenge people to think differently.

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