Bhavna Sehgal

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Bhavna Sehgal
Bhavna SehgalConsultant, APAC
  • Leadership development and facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Organisational transformation and culture

Bhavna Sehgal works with Langley Group as a transformational coach, facilitator and organisational development practitioner.

She is driven by her purpose of making a difference and is passionate about supporting and inspiring leaders, teams and individuals to unlock their potential and achieve their goals and vision.

Bhavna believes in developing a positive leadership presence through helping leaders connect with their inner strengths and values and their purpose, to become an inspirational leader. She creates a safe space for exploration and growth through her empathetic and authentic style.

With a grounded and practical approach, Bhavna incorporates the latest in leadership, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and culture and values research in all her offerings. She understands the pragmatic realities of delivering sustainable change and balancing business priorities.

She has a MSc Org Behaviour (City University, London) and a Bachelor of  Commerce and Management (University of Delhi). She is accredited in the Strengths Profile tool.

When she is not working with organisations, Bhavna spends her time supporting her family and children, and will soon be welcoming another addition to her household.

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