Camilla Maison

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Camilla Maison
Camilla MaisonSenior Consultant
  • Leadership Development and Facilitating
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organisational Culture Transformation
  • MSCEIT Practitioner

  • Strengths Profile Practitioner

Camilla Maison is a Senior Consultant, Facilitator and Coach focusing on enabling people to work more effectively through learning practical and applicable techniques based on neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

Camilla has an extensive corporate background leading and managing teams in organisations in both London and Australia, and is passionate about introducing strategies and techniques to create successful, positive and healthier organisational cultures leading to optimal work performance and wellbeing.

With psychological training, Camilla is dedicated to keeping abreast of current psychology and neuroscience research, in order to incorporate the latest insights into practical techniques to improve people’s working lives.

Presenting with an enthusiastic, natural and approachable style, Camilla encourages individuals to be open and to commit to creating positive change in order to grow, develop and perform at their best.

Camilla has a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology and Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of Sydney, and a BA in Communications.  She is accredited in Strengths Profile and MSCEIT (emotional intelligence) tools.

Camilla lives in Sydney with her husband, three children and dog, Bingo. When she isn’t reading the latest research, she savours wonderful moments with with her family in the park, on the beach, reading or watching movies.

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