Emma Hodgson

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Emma Hodgson
Emma HodgsonSenior Consultant
  • Leadership development and facilitation
  • MSCEIT Practitioner

  • Strengths Profile Practitioner

Emma is passionate about providing insights to help people thrive. Emma has a range of qualifications in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, Strengths, Executive Coaching, Law and a strong background in management consulting.

This positions Emma well to bring a positive, science-based approach to help people, teams and leaders in organisations flourish. Emma has experience across the corporate sector, particularly in professional services, and within the government sector.

With a strong belief that all people deserve to work in great environments, Emma has an authentic passion for sharing the Langley Group’s expertise in the science of the brain, emotions and wellbeing. Understanding the latest research in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology enables Emma to advise on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of building strong mental fitness so that people feel equipped to face the challenges of uncertainty, adversity, change, stress and burnout. Beyond that, Emma is passionate about sharing proven strategies that improve wellbeing, enabling people to enjoy the work they do, feel confident and to make an exceptional contribution.

Presenting with an engaging, authentic and approachable style, Emma creates an interactive environment in her sessions where individuals are inspired to create positive change in their perspective, decision-making, behaviour and performance.

Emma has a diverse background in Commerce/Law and over 12 years of top-tier management consulting experience based in London and Sydney.  Emma was also Director of a small organisational psychology consulting company based in Sydney.

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