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Our clients say what sets us apart from other experts in our industry is our passion and knowledge of the subject matter, the genuine relationships we form, and the impact we have on people and results. Edweena Stratton, Senior HR Director at Oracle believes “it’s definitely a successful formula.”

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Oracle Corporation has been working with the Langley Group for the last couple of years throughout Australia and New Zealand. Working with them has really helped us increase the leadership capability within our organisation, which is key to our ongoing success.

What sets them apart from others in this space is their passion and knowledge of the subject, and the genuine nature of the relationships they form.

Edweena Stratton, Senior HR Director, Oracle
The Langley Group has had a massive impact on the people they trained.

The communication they have with their colleagues and managers has certainly improved. It’s been a direct result of their better understanding about themselves and how others act and behave.

Tom Sangster, Business Effectiveness Manager, Zoetis
What sets the Langley Group apart from other experts in emotional intelligence is their in-depth knowledge. They have a broader, deeper understanding of how to develop these new behaviours. They really tailored the program to financial advice and our business.
Farrell Platt, Sales Coach, Perpetual
Sue Langley facilitated a team planning day and her approach was so different from the usual strategic business planning that the impact has been really profound.
Julian Kenny, HR Director, Public Relations Institute of Australia
We have seen a new positivity and a new way of thinking from our people, which has been delightfully surprising.
Karen Twitchett, HR Director, Nuance Group


The Langley Group training I participated in gave me the tools to survive in a global organisation in the long term. I have become more mindful of people and what they are experiencing at an emotional level.

Now, emotional intelligence is very much a part of my everyday life – at work and home.

Scott Nell, Senior Manager, Organisation Development & Talent, Schneider Electric
By analysing my emotional intelligence abilities (or lack thereof) in a systematic manner I was able to re-engage with colleagues. Within weeks I had enhanced my communication skills, resulting in improved relationships.

The skills I learned were a key success factor in gaining a C-level position.

Group Strategy Manager, multinational pharmaceutical company
I am very excited by the prospect of applying a new type of thinking that I believe will benefit my colleagues, teams and customers as well as my family and friends. I had a lot of light bulbs go off and the brightest for me was realising lost opportunities – how little I use my EI skills and abilities on a day-to-day basis.

I can now imagine the potential for generating positive outcomes through the thoughtful and strategic use of emotional intelligence.

Anastasia Chye, Senior Manager, Strategy & Projects at Westpac
I have learnt more about myself, for my betterment, during the six-day intensive, workbook and assessment activities, than I have in 46 years of life.

The Langley Group’s Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing has woken me up and helped me realise why I am who I am, where I want to go, what I want to do and why. I see it as a journey to find myself…. that is turning into one heck of an adventure!

Michelle McFadyen, Deputy General Manager, Corporate and Community
I got more out of the half hour I managed to see of your session than the daylong workshop with another speaker yesterday.

You have a more hands on and practical approach to the issues I want training on, including how the brain works and how to best deal with ‘difficult’ clients. I only wish I had heard more!

Julie Dalling, Financial Planner, Q Invest
Brilliant ideas to take back, positive energy.
Excellent presentation, very interactive.
Grabs audience attention, very informative.
Strong presence, relevant message.
Exciting… I could have spent a whole day listening to Sue Langley!
Conference delegates, Mind & Its Potential

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