Santos: Neuroscience for change agents


Minimising negative impact and maximising engagement during change.

Santos, a leading Australian resources producer, was embarking on comprehensive business improvement that involved major change.

We worked with Santos’s team of change agents to engage people throughout the process. The project the team was charged with involved reconfiguring the business, resulting in widespread job losses. As a 70% failure rate is commonly cited for change initiatives designed to improve business performance because of people issues, Santos wanted to work hard to counter negativity and focus efforts on positively engaging people. The team were experienced in managing the process of change so we helped them manage the critical human factors to ensure the initiative was successful.

Over several intensive sessions, we trained the change agents in the neuroscience and emotional impact of change, how to tackle emotions and build relationships. Sessions included facilitated planning to apply learnings to business objectives. As a result of this training, the team won the award for best team in the business—a radical turnaround from most reviled because of the unpopularity of the change initiative.

Their success came down to how fully they applied their learning and built relationships across the business.

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