What makes us different and exceptionally effective at developing people? Our practical scientific approach, inspiring people and the positive outcomes we prime people to deliver.

Here are some of the ways we create value.

Practical science

We focus on teaching the science behind soft skills and providing practical applications based on neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. We conduct our own studies and distil the latest research, presenting science simply with tangible tools anyone can use. We find people quickly get on board when they learn how our brains and emotions work and how to apply that knowledge every day at work.

Inspiring people

We live and breathe what we teach, inspiring people to be the best they can be. We aim to create exceptional leaders who feel energised, engaged, satisfied and committed to making a positive difference in their organisations, spreading positivity to their clients and teams.

Positive outcomes

Many leadership and organisational development approaches focus on bridging gaps and improving weaknesses. We take a positive approach that leverages strengths and generates learning, motivation and engagement that builds on itself. This guides people and organisations in upward spirals toward optimal performance and growth. Our solutions are primed to:

  • Equip people and organisations with knowledge, foundational abilities and resilience to lead and thrive in complex and diverse environments.
  • Engage people in actively developing self-awareness and a growth mindset while they practice new skills.
  • Generate a positive emotional climate that broadens and builds individual and organisational resources and propels upward spirals of performance and wellbeing.
  • Focus people on creating positive solutions to move themselves, organisations and teams forward.
  • Build a positive culture that attracts and retains talented people and customers for greater competitive advantage and business performance.
  • Leverage talent and unlock potential across organisations, motivating and aligning individuals with strategic goals at team and organisational levels.

Experiential learning

We bring learning to life with fun, experiential activities and tangible techniques people can apply every day at work. Our dynamic facilitation style has a track record of engaging and challenging people to promote self-awareness and results.

Positive tools

As master trainers in the leading emotional intelligence, strengths and brain-based instruments, we select and integrate the best tools currently available on the market into our programs. We only use valid, evidence-based tools geared to highlight strengths and assess people positively so they feel confident of their capabilities, and ready to stretch and develop further. We also draw on a smorgasbord of practical tools to embed learning, generate positive emotions and increase emotional intelligence, performance and wellbeing.

Supporting your success

We focus on building your capability over time. We are generous with our expertise, sharing advice and providing you with opportunities to learn how to deliver and build our core content and tools into your HR, learning and business initiatives. This approach is more cost-effective, scalable and supportive of your long-term success than simply delivering high-value training.

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