Schneider Electric

Next generation of global leaders

Schneider Electric is a global energy management specialist with 140,000 employees over 100 countries. The company was looking to develop a suite of programmes to identify and develop leaders at all levels, in each of their global regions.  Through our impactful work, Langley Group has developed a long-term partnership with Schneider and our programmes are now entering their fifth year and continuing to flourish.


Schneider was looking to develop a suite of programmes to identify and develop leaders at all levels, in each of their global regions. The organisation values consistency and results and their integrated and strategic approach to talent management is world class.

Langley needed to develop an integrated programme that would cover off from frontline managers through to senior executives, ensuring that all employees were exposed to similar concepts, learning and language.

Our Solution

An integrated suite of programmes to further embed wellbeing, emotional intelligence (EI) and positive leadership practices at all levels of leadership and holistically across the organisation.

These programmes integrate the latest research in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience and are directly linked to workplace activities and projects.

The Programmes Include:

The Accelerated Leadership Programme

Developing positive leadership skills to enable leaders to build individual leadership capabilities and create a high performing, innovative and resilient culture. This six-day program incorporates a strengths profile assessment and debrief, and personal wellbeing assessment plus physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing building activities and ongoing collaborative innovation projects with capstone presentations to executive leaders. The focus is on collaboration, agility and innovation.

Flourishing Managers Programme

For front-line managers, developing leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience, coaching and feedback skills. This two-day programme incorporates custom 360 leadership expectations assessment, extensive self-directed activities and certification.

Executive Development

Residential program using the MSCEIT (Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test) to build emotional intelligence skills at a high level. This is part of a one week intensive program which includes deep self-reflection, individual and group coaching, as well as actor simulations and feedback, a deep dive into the neuroscience of leadership as well as practical leadership execution to remain agile in complex work environments.

Accreditation in strengths assessment and development using the Strengths Profile methodology and tools, to enable business and culture leaders to embed a strengths-based approach in the organisation and integrate these into all programmes, including the Graduate program and every performance conversation. Internal train the trainer sessions to allow internal team members to deliver team strengths workshops, values workshops, short sessions, as well as the Flourish one day employee wellbeing program.

Sales Leader Programme

Tailored specifically around building the neuroscience of coaching, and strengths based approach into the sales teams, from a leadership perspective. This program includes individual assessment, face to face, virtual sessions, webinars, peer group coaching and actor simulations.

Ongoing face to face and virtual workshops covering aspects of leadership, mindfulness, wellbeing and team development as part of the learning calendar.


The work we have done with Schneider Electric over the last four years has led to a significant increase in scores regarding culture and leadership on Glass Door, as well as increases in the Pacific Zone in engagement scores and performance.

Based on the impact we have had in the Pacific Zone these programmess are now being rolled out across Asia and a launch of a complete series of webinars to cover globally.


Excerpt and highlights of an interview with Scott Nell, previously Senior Manager of Organisational Development and Talent, Pacific Zone, about the impact the Langley Group’s emotional intelligence training has had on his life and role as a global leader.

“Emotional intelligence training gave me the tools to cope with and navigate the complexities of a  global organisation. I’ve always prided myself on being open and receptive but now I have become more mindful of people and what they are experiencing at an emotional level. I’m more aware of non-verbal cues and I’m able to think about the emotional impacts and reactions resulting from logical business decisions. Now, emotional intelligence is very much a part of my everyday life –both at work and at home.”

Measurement and Feedback

Langley Group continues to work with Schneider Pacific Zone following four years delivering successful wellbeing and leadership programmes. Below is an example of participant feedback from the Flourishing Employees programme. There are a significant number of anecdotal stories of career progression and successes, including increased engagement scores that have been shared over the years.

“The training session provided a practical set of techniques which can be used at work (and at home) to improve wellbeing.”  

“The trainer did an excellent job of making the material accessible and interesting.”  

“Great presenter with many insightful discussions.”