This position is currently unavailable. You are welcome to send your details and we will keep them on file for future.

A rare opportunity has emerged for a talented, dynamic and experienced trainer/facilitator/consultant to join the Langley Group consulting team. You will be working with leading organisations in Australia and/or around the world, delivering training and leadership development programmes and designing solutions based on the latest practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

Primary Purpose

The Langley Group is seeking a Senior Consultant to assist in growing the business across a number of streams by:

  • contributing to and delivering on long-term goals
  • building key relationships, identifying opportunities, negotiating and confirming engagements with clients
  • facilitating Langley Group programmes
  • undertaking debriefs, coaching and presentations
  • supporting the business through events and exhibitions

This is a full-time, ongoing position based in Sydney, with an employment contract with The Langley Group

Position Duties

  • Facilitate a variety of corporate training programmes
  • Work with our various systems to enter, track and record the appropriate client information to manage projects and programmes
  • Consult with team on progress and review and update as needed
  • Ensure potential client follow ups are fulfilled within a timely manner
  • Provide input into the general management and direction of The Langley Group
  • Understand and commit to the Langley Group’s goals and purpose so to continually enhance our performance

About The Langley Group

The Langley Group is a leading consulting and positive people development company, working with organisations around the world to build better leaders, engage people, optimise performance and leverage talent. We apply positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to get the best from people and organisations, inspiring them to make positive changes that are sustainable over time.

We live and breathe this approach, and we offer the opportunity to work with an amazing team, in a positive culture built on the values of professionalism, intelligence, relationships, authenticity, zest and aesthetics.

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Skill, Knowledge and Attitudes

To be considered a good match for this position, you will have:

  • previous experience at a senior level in a corporate environment
  • experience as a leader of people
  • experience as an expert facilitator
  • business network and contacts

Ideally, you will also bring:

  • accreditation in R2 Strengths Profiler
  • accreditation in MSCEIT (Mayer-Salovey-Caruso EI Test)
  • completion of the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing
  • debrief and coaching experience

If you also have i4 Neuroleader certification and knowledge of neuroscience we would be ecstatic.

We are looking for personal attributes of flexibility and adaptability, the ability to work with a geographically dispersed workforce, and a person who lives by what they teach.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Increased business for Langley Group
  • Working in line with Langley Group values holistically

Contact and Applications

If you believe you have the skills, attributes and qualifications to join us, please send your resume and statement (max 2 pages) addressing the position requirements to:

Sue Langley
245 Carrington Road
Coogee NSW 2034

For further information, please contact Catherine Thomson on +61 2 9399 3989.


Langley Group

I love my team. I really do. I love people in general. I love my team. I am grateful and lucky to have them in my life.

They work hard and make me look good and I can’t put a price on that. I love that they seem to think I am OK too! I value the skills, I value the time, I value the ideas. I even value when we drive each other a little mad – as mainly it is because everyone is so flat out! And usually still smiling!

Sue Langley, Langley Group
I love being part of a team that recognises and values individual strengths and provides opportunities to develop them.

Finally feel I am able to breathe and grow with an organisation that nurtures my creativity and encourages me to experiment with my ideas. Being surrounded by like-minded people who collectively want to make a positive contribution. Being part of an organisation, which is clear in its purpose and values and actively demonstrates this in its everyday practices. Being part of a team which, despite the geographical spread, has a strong sense of community.

Ali Palmer, Langley Group, Growing Great Schools