The Benefits of Coaching in Leadership

Today’s business environment is competitive and constantly changing, and leaders need to consider this fast-paced change as they adapt their leadership style to suit the conditions. Creating a balanced working environment where people, productivity and profits thrive is a significant component of success and this is where coaching comes in.

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A Call for Mindful Leadership

If organisations were mindful, rather than mindless as they often are, leadership would be quite different. In this guest blog, previously published on the Harvard Business Review blog as part of a six-part series on the future of leadership, and her website, Harvard professor Ellen Langer explains why it is time for leaders to wake up. […]

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Six Ways to Translate Great Ideas into Exceptional Execution

Many of us know what great leadership or innovation looks like and what we should be doing to deliver on our strategies. Most of us also agree that we get the best and most creative outcomes for ourselves and others when feeling energised and positive. It’s often common sense yet is not always common practice. […]

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Leadership is About Caring for People (and Being the Best You Can Be)

“To crack the leadership code, you’ve got to care about people, you’ve got to be interested in people. I think once you can genuinely be interested in people then developing those skills… will follow. You need to care about people… And show up as the best version of yourself.” Sue Langley recently spoke with Dr Michelle Pizer, for Crack the Leadership Code 2016, an online leadership summit. Michelle asked Sue for her insights on future leadership trends, and some of the strategies leaders can take to support people, build positive, innovative workplaces and make a real difference.   […]

Leadership is About Caring for People (and Being the Best You Can Be)2020-03-31T12:25:54+11:00

Positive Leadership: A Framework for Boosting Organisational Performance

Smart organisations can achieve improvement and business benefits by equipping leaders with the capabilities to create a positive culture that leads to thriving performance.

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