Book Review: The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

Neuroplasticity really came to life in the 1960s as scientists started to explore the inner workings of the brain, and found that neurons could ‘re-organise’ after traumatic events.  This book focuses on the stories of how our amazing brain changes its structure with every activity we perform, every thought we create, and the actions we take.

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A Journey into Microbiota and the Brain – Part Two

It was 7 June 2018 and I was half way through my first study week on San Servolo island in Venice, Italy, studying an Advanced Course on Microbiota and the Brain with the Neuroscience Society of Advanced Studies (NSAS). It had been a great start to the week immersing myself in learning.               Microbiota and the Brain My first week was Microbiota and the Brain, and we were so lucky to have an amazing faculty for the week from around the world, including some of the leading researchers in this field John Cryan, Jane Foster and Rochellys [...]

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A Journey into Microbiota and the Brain – Part One

It was May 8 and the time was approaching for me to head to Venice to attend an Advanced Course on Microbiota and the Brain with the Neuroscience Society of Advanced Studies (NSAS).  Furthering my education in neuroscience is really important as new discoveries and research papers are published regularly, and I am always looking for new critiques to incorporate into the Langley Group programmes. Based in Italy, The Neuroscience Society of Advanced Studies, or NSAS, is home to ongoing advanced courses and workshops across different areas of neuroscience. Their faculty and speakers are appointed from only the world leaders in each field [...]

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The Power of Sleep!

“O sleep, O gentle sleep, nature’s soft nurse” – William Shakespeare We all know how glorious it feels to be well rested. Waking up after a solid, unbroken night’s sleep, feeling invigorated, ready for the day, and prepared to face the world as the best version of ourselves. We also all probably know how it feels when you have not had a good night’s sleep, or several in a row! In the 1950’s most people got about eight hours of sleep a night, yet since 1980, our view of sleep has changed. Fast forward to 1980 when then British Prime [...]

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