Matt Smith
Matt SmithConsultant
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma of Education
  • Masters of Education in Leadership and Management

As facilitator, leader and educator, Matt has more than 20 years of experience in education across a range of government and independent schools in Australia and overseas.

Matt has led whole school change in positive education and student leadership at a strategic and operational level by providing practical applications of emotional intelligence, neuroscience, character strengths and positive psychology.

Matt is committed to inspiring individual and institutional change in schools and in the corporate sector. His presentations and workshops are dynamic, interactive, engaging and strengths-orientated. Matt seeks to unlock and leverage individual and collective talent, optimise performance and build happy, meaningful, creative, virtuous and flourishing workplaces and communities.

Matt’s signature strengths of Zest, Curiosity, Love of Learning and Perseverance always ensure a lively, energetic and purposeful experience for his clients. As a voracious reader, Matt maintains a keen interest in the latest research from positive psychology to ensure his presentations are cutting-edge, relevant and rigorously evidence-based.

Matt has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma of Education from the University of Adelaide. Recently he obtained a Masters of Education in Leadership and Management at Queensland University Technology.

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