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Friday 20 March

Langley Group is continuing to work with all our clients and partners to ensure we can help you all meet your training and workforce needs in this ever changing situation. When we put our mind to it, there is not much that can’t be delivered online, and our content lends itself so well to the experiences and emotions that people are feeling right now. Talk to us if we can assist you deliver some fo your needs online. Take care, and remember to look after your mindset and your health in these difficult times.


 Working from home? Self-isolating? Anxious about the future? Challenges are presenting themselves at a rapid pace and it is important to understand what new ways of working can mean, how to handle stress and emotions and how to remain connected.  Around the world, organisations are using digital learning to increase collaboration among teams that are working either remotely or across different time zones.

Langley Group offers a suite of webinars and interactive learning opportunities around a range of pertinent topics that are at the cutting edge of research, improving workplace culture, wellbeing, and performance.

You will receive the same well-researched scientific content, practical activities and engaging experiences along with our professional and experienced facilitators at the time and place that suits your people.

We are able to deliver with your own internal LMS or we can provide the learning through our own platform. Check out some of the learning topics here.

Monday 16 March

To our clients, partners, customers, students and friends.

Like everyone in Australia and the broader global community, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and adapting as it changes from day to day.

The health and wellbeing of everyone involved with Langley Group – our partners, clients, students and of course our team – as well as the broader community, is incredibly important. We are following advice and doing everything necessary to ensure that everyone stays safe and well.For those who are either self-isolating or working from home, the result may be that they feel anxious, isolated and fearful.

It is so important to keep people connected to work and to each other, to encourage hope and resilience in the face of the unknown, and to ensure that learning opportunities are still available for them.We have a wealth of experience in developing and delivering virtual training experiences – and can assist you with maintaining connectedness and morale in your teams.

You can learn more about these here or explore online learning opportunities for individuals here. In times like this, it is important that we look to each other for support, cooperation and compassion. Let’s use the tools at our disposal to stay calm and focused, and not let fear and panic overwhelm us.

Showing gratitude to health care workers and all those on the front-line doing their best to manage the situation can benefit all of us. If Langley Group can support you in any way, please get in touch by calling +61 2 7904 1410 or emailing

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