Foundations of EI (Eastern Australia Timezone) – Virtual Classroom February 2021

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We are now delivering our popular Foundations of Emotional Intelligence via virtual classroom.

This one-day introduction to emotional intelligence is delivered using Zoom, across three, two-hour virtual learning workshops. Numbers will be capped to ensure individual attention and an interactive experience for everyone. It will (almost) feel as if you are all in the same room!

Emotional intelligence (EI) is considered a critical competency for leaders today. It underpins our capacity to work well with others, manage pressure and make effective decisions and is one of the World Economic Forum top ten skills required for leadership for 2021. More than knowledge, technical skills or traditional measures of intelligence, EI differentiates the most successful leaders and the highest performers.

Those equipped with high EI are better able to lead and inspire people to achieve improved performance in their teams and organisations.  Learning how to use emotions intelligently empowers us to respond effectively, rather than reactively.

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As the world changes, our ability to handle ourselves and lead others becomes more and more valuable.

This session provides an overview of emotional intelligence from a brain perspective and will enable participants to:

  • Identify how moods affect your own and others’ behaviour, decisions and performance
  • Distinguish how emotions are perceived through the body and the brain
  • Integrate the energy of emotions to get the best possible outcomes in your work
  • Apply emotions to decision-making and to build long-term, trusting relationships with colleagues and customers

When interacting with stakeholders it is vital to remain mindful to emotional reactions in both them and ourselves.

In this session, participants will learn to correctly identify facial expressions in others and correctly label them, as well as identify strategies to generate more useful emotions and more positive and emotionally intelligent responses.

  • Accurately identify emotions in self by perceiving physiological changes
  • List universal causes of primary emotions
  • Correctly identify emotions in others by identifying facial expressions
  • Identify anger, contempt, fear, happiness and sadness in others, the potential causes, and strategies for how to respond

As the world changes, our ability to handle ourselves and lead others becomes more and more valuable.

In this session, you will:

  • Explore a range of emotional management strategies to support relationships and wellbeing
  • Identify proactive and reactive strategies to support wellbeing
  • Implement sustainable strategies to handle a range of emotions in a range of situations
  • Understand the evidence behind emotional management strategies that really work

This programme equips participants with the knowledge and skills to use emotions intelligently at work. By exploring the art, science and business applications of emotional intelligence, participants learn a robust rationale and framework to increase their ability to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions in themselves and others.

Virtual learning will be practical, interactive and fun, so participants apply their new insights and strategies right away in their work and life.

This programme will increase your ability to:

  • Gain core skills and critical knowledge to engage people and make good decisions
  • Understand how our emotions impact us and our reactions
  • Perceive emotions in ourselves, our environment and in others around us
  • Become aware of our underlying emotional triggers and how they progress and change
  • Manage your emotions effectively with practical tools and strategies
  • Build personal resilience using emotional data

$530.00 + GST gives you access to all three workshops. You will receive a registration link after purchase with details on how to join the webinars

Expert Facilitator

Melanie Weir
Melanie WeirPositive HR and Senior Consultant
Melanie Weir works with Langley Group as a Senior Consultant and Facilitator, and also brings her knowledge and experience in positive HR practices to the company and our clients.

She brings a real zest for providing professional, innovative and simple tools that bring out the best in people and teams.

Melanie passionately believes in growing the capability, wellbeing and resilience of people and business, with an innate ability to maintain commercial perspective while offering innovative people based solutions, that increase positive engagement, wellbeing and resilience.

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