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Using the Science of Emotional Intelligence in HR Practice (AUS/UK Timezones)

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(Suitable for participants in both UK and Australian time-zones)

Positive HR – Using the Science of Emotional Intelligence in HR Practice

  • Perceiving, understanding, using and managing emotions will enhance your HR practice.
  • EI capability can grow, and learning the foundations of EI is crucial for wellbeing and performance.

In this programme you will learn specific abilities to help you to monitor your own and others’ emotions and use this information to support outcomes.

Modern neuroscience has turned around the way we think about emotions. We now know that emotions play a critical role in influencing and guiding our thinking and behaviour – what we think, how we think, how we make decisions and how we act on them.

Evidence from the field of EI states that rational thinking and decision-making depend on input from emotions. Decisions are never made ‘unemotionally’, and actions are never fully ‘rational’.

“Far from interfering with rationality…the absence of emotion and feeling can break down rationality and make wise decision making almost impossible.” Damasio, A. (1994).

During change, growth, downsizing, or developing other new ways of working an HR practitioner needs emotional intelligence for wellbeing and to help team members navigate the future.

The programme is delivered in three ‘live’ virtual classroom sessions by Melanie Weir, one of our most experienced facilitators and HR experts. The classroom time is two hours, (Including a short break) and attendees receive interactive workbooks, an EI self-assessment tool, research papers and additional learning resources to further their knowledge in the field.

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Our ability to handle ourselves and positively influence others is crucial

  • Explore your own level of emotional intelligence with Langley Group’s EI self-assessment tool
  • Learn about the neuroscience of emotional intelligence and how emotion influences our ability and decision making
  • Identify how moods effect your own and others’ behaviour, decisions and performance
  • Distinguish how emotions are perceived through the body and the brain
  • Integrate the energy of emotions to get the best possible outcomes in your work
  • Apply emotions to decision-making and to build long-term, trusting relationships with colleagues and customers

Perceiving and managing emotions is a core component to leverage EI

  • Identify emotions in others by identifying micro facial expressions
  • Identify emotions in self by perceiving physiological changes
  • Understand universal causes of primary emotions, and emotional triggers
  • Identify anger, contempt, fear, happiness and sadness in others, the potential causes, and strategies for how to respond
  • Develop your skills in perceiving, using, understanding and managing emotions with the emotional blueprint
  • Understand basic emotion theory and the adaptive view of emotion
  • Learn strategies to manage emotion to achieve goals and positively influence others.

Attendees in the latest programme

  • 100% strongly agree they would apply something they had learnt
  • 100% highly recommended their facilitator, Mel Weir
  • 100% would strongly recommend this programme to a friend or colleague

“Foundations of EI was one of the best courses I have done, and Melanie was a great presenter/facilitator too.

I liked the 3 x 2-hour sessions too – I was very engaged but didn’t get overloaded”

$530.00 + GST gives you access to all 3 workshops. You will receive a registration link after purchase with details on how to join the webinars

Expert Facilitator

Melanie Weir
Melanie WeirSenior Consultant
Melanie Weir works with Langley Group as a Senior Consultant and Facilitator, and also brings her knowledge and experience in positive HR practices to the company and our clients.

She brings a real zest for providing professional, innovative and simple tools that bring out the best in people and teams.

Melanie passionately believes in growing the capability, wellbeing and resilience of people and business, with an innate ability to maintain commercial perspective while offering innovative people based solutions, that increase positive engagement, wellbeing and resilience.

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