Sue Langley is the chief researcher.  She has worked in the space of positive psychology for nearly 20 years and has a focus on the practical application of the science.  Sue is the CEO and founder of Langley Group and Academic Director of the Langley Group Institute.  Sue is responsible for overseeing the outcomes of this study and publishing the results.

The research is being funded by the Langley Group as a way to explore the impact of the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (DPP) on real life, particularly during the COVID-19 global pandemic.  There are no other interested parties.


Sue has a saying ‘Positive psychology is great on the good days; essential on the bad.”  Now is when we need the tools and techniques.

This research is to explore the outcomes of the DPP as a potential intervention to support mental health and wellbeing, both in normal and more challenging situations.


Participation in this research is voluntary.  All DPP students – graduates and current – are being invited to participate.  Your responses are completely confidential and anonymous.  We only ask you to submit your name and email to confirm you have completed and so we can contact you if any data is corrupted.  And to share the results of the research post the analysis.

While it is anticipated participating in this research will benefit most participants, it is possible emotions may occur whilst responding to the questions.  Please consider your own personal circumstances and research out if you require any support.  You can remove yourself from the study at any time by contacting

There are two elements to this research study.  The whole thing will take approximately one hour of your time.  We would love you to complete both aspects of the research yet you are welcome to complete one or both of the two elements.

  1. Qualitative feedback– this questionnaire will take about 7 minutes of your time and asks for responses to a few key questions
  2. The Work on Wellbeing survey and additional diagnostics that you completed as part of your DPP will be sent

Research Questions