Flourishing with Positive Psychology: Become a Certified Trainer

This Certified Trainer Programme will provide you with the resources, knowledge and practical experience to facilitate a suite of courses built around the principles of positive psychology and flourishing. A positive workplace culture can go a long way toward helping people feel happy, engaged and committed at work.

Employee satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing are all factors that drive business outcomes and performance. When people feel happy, valued, satisfied and purposeful at work they typically do far better than those who do not, leading to a more positive, thriving and sustainable business.

This Certified Trainer Course will enable you to facilitate four workshops.


This programme builds engagement and resilience, improves work-life balance and helps to create a positive organisational culture. It includes some of the most practical and research-based ways to build resilience, wellbeing and effectiveness at work.

Working well with others, managing pressure and making effective decisions are critical aspects of the modern workplace. Given this, a core focus of the Flourish programme is emotional intelligence – where learning how to improve resilience and to use emotions intelligently, empowers people to respond effectively, rather than reactively.

Introduction to Positive Psychology at Work

This programme is designed to introduce and engage participants with the principles and practices of positive psychology, an evidence-based model for building individual wellbeing and creating positive cultures. The content includes foundational knowledge and introductory frameworks including key relationships and communication skills they can apply right away at work, inspiring each other to show up as the best version of themselves every day.

The Power of Learned Optimism

Learning to feel a sense of optimism, confidence and hope about the future helps people deal positively with challenges and stay motivated. By changing patterns of thinking to become more optimistic, people can find greater happiness and satisfaction in work and life.

Drawing on Martin Seligman’s model of Learned Optimism, participants learn about optimistic and pessimistic explanatory styles and how to break pessimistic thinking habits to make way for more positive and constructive action. This helps avoid behaviours that can cause negative consequences and hinder effectiveness and working relationships.

How the Certified Trainer Component works

For some time now, Langley Group has offered in-house Train the Trainer programmes, helping organisations to deliver quality, scientifically backed learning and development workshops to their team members.

We are now expanding this, so if you are a sole trader, consultant (small or large) or work in a business, you can have access to all the materials, content and learning needed to deliver this programme.

Participants will complete the Flourishing with Positivity Pysychology Programme as a participant would. In addition, participants will also undertake learning activities around the knowledge and facilitation we require in order to licence people to deliver this course. Learning is hands on and practical, with lots of opportunities to practice and observe the very best in facilitation and methodology.

For more detailed information on the Langley Group Certified Trainer component of this process, click here.

Langley Group also trains and certifies other bespoke courses such as:

Licence Fee Arrangements

For individual consultants and sole traders, an annual licence provides access to all the learning and facilitation and marketing materials you need to deliver the course to your clients. The fee is to be paid in advance and will renew annually.

For organisations who wish to use this programme in-house, a per-use fee will apply. Please contact us for more details.