Affirming our gratitude increases our positive emotions, which helps to banish the negatives.

The more we practice reflecting on the things we are grateful for, the more we broaden our thinking and build our emotional resources. Acknowledging—and sharing—moments of gratitude is a powerful practice for staying positive, energised and resilient.

Martin Seligman, a leader in the field of positive psychology, defines gratitude as being aware of and thankful for the good things that happen. He considers it a strength that forges connection to the larger universe and provides meaning.

Writing down the things we are grateful for helps embed them and make them more concrete. We recommend starting a gratitude list or journal you can add to weekly. You can do it in your head—if you do it mindfully.

The most important thing is to make this reflective practice meaningful to you, not something you do because you have to. Better still, share gratitude with others.

Sharing gratitude

At the Langley Group we believe it is really important to practice what we teach. We have a regular email circular where we share our gratitude with each other. Here are some things we were grateful to be experiencing this week.

Sue Langley

I am grateful…

…for the amazing smell of the jasmine and frangipani trees this morning after the rain.

…that after breaking my arm yesterday, I had the amazing chance to practice what I have learnt in neuroscience by focusing on allowing the pain to be, then working on pain networks in my brain to reduce the sensations!

…my partner David is so amazing in looking after me.

Yulia Zlatkin

I am grateful…

…that I have had over 2 weeks on a gorgeous holiday to get closer with my girls, watch them grow, see them smile and get to know them even better.

…to be working this profession, that I have managed to cross paths with the community that is the Langley Group and that as a result I can learn and embed my learnings into my life on a daily basis and give back too.

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