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Why You Should Make Emotional Intelligence a Priority

Smart use of emotions can improve our capacity to work well with others, engage with our jobs, manage stress, handle conflict and make fast and effective decisions - essential skills in today’s fast-paced and increasingly disconnected world.

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Langley Group’s Mental Health Strategies

World Mental Health Day is designed to help people feel hopeful about their mental health, by empowering them to take action and to create lasting positive change in their lives. To mark this year's World Mental Health Day, a few of the Langley Group team share what they do to maintain their mental health on a daily basis. 

The Effects of Positive Leadership

Leaders who focus on bringing out the best in people and themselves can transform the way their organisation functions and achieve exceptional results. This article expands on research from Kim Cameron, shared at the World Congress of Positive Psychology in July.

The Future is Human – Leaders and Future Orientation

As a species, we have an endless fascination with being able to predict the future. What will the future bring? What we do know is that the world is changing and some businesses are leading the way.

The Future is Human – EI as a core skill

Emotional intelligence, according to the World Economic Forum, is going to be one of the most useful leadership traits for 2020.  As the world changes, our ability to handle ourselves and lead others becomes more and more valuable. 

The Benefits of Coaching in Leadership

Today’s business environment is competitive and constantly changing, and leaders need to consider this fast-paced change as they adapt their leadership style to suit the conditions. Creating a balanced working environment where people, productivity and profits thrive is a significant component of success and this is where coaching comes in.

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