Langley Group Certified Trainer Programmes

Langley Group is well known for the quality of its in-house Train the Trainer programmes, where we help organisations to deliver our quality, scientifically backed learning and development workshops to their team members.

Our most successful and well-loved Train the Trainer programmes will now be made available to pre-qualified participants to become Langley Group Certified Trainers. What this means is that sole traders, small businesses through to big businesses can now have access to all the materials, content and learning needed to deliver Langley Group programmes anywhere in the world.

We know there will be a number of questions you might have regarding access to this worthwhile opportunity, so please see below for FAQ’s. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

The packages currently available are:

More programme options will be released over the coming months.


Who can attend?

Anyone who has experience in facilitation or education, and who has an interest in and knowledge of, positive psychology, emotional intelligence or neuroscience.

What is in the course?

When you attend a Langley Group Certified Trainer Course, you will take part in the particular course as an actual participant. In addition to attending the course, you will also be required to focus on and learn the methodology and delivery requirements to enable you to deliver the course to the same quality and standards that Langley Group expects.

What is the assessment process?

After each module of the programme, you will be expected to complete a self-reflection, where you honestly and accurately consider your strengths and weaknesses with regards to the content and facilitation requirements. You will also be required to submit a video of facilitating each element of that particular programme.

What support is available?

When you enrol, you will be allocated a Learning Coach who will assist you with your assessments and any questions you may have about the learning and assessment process for that particular course.

What does the accreditation allow me to do?

Each suite of programmes requires its own accreditation. Each accreditation allows you to deliver that particular suite anywhere in the world, as many times as you wish. You will be provided with access to all the materials you need to be able to deliver the course. This includes slide deck, facilitator guide, workbook, additional material, microlearning, video if applicable.

What legal information do I need to know?

In order to use the Langley Group course content, you will need to be:

  • assessed as suitable following the Train the Trainer programme
  • sign a licence agreement allowing you access to all the programme content
  • pay the necessary fees

Tell me more about the licence agreement

The Licence Agreement:

  • allows you to access and use the content for each programme for which you are accredited
  • outlines the conditions under which you will operate as a LG Certified Trainer
  • details the requirements and acknowledgements needed to protect Langley Group’s IP and brand
  • outlines what Langley Group is responsible for and what you are responsible for in the licence arrangement

A copy of the licence agreement is available here for you to view.

I am a sole trader – how does this work for me?

As a sole trader, becoming a Langley Group Certified Trainer is an easy decision. It enables you to take advantage of years of experience and programme development by Sue Langley and the Langley Group and to offer this to your clients – all for a very reasonable annual fee.

You will receive a quality curriculum and learning materials based on the latest and best science and research and refined in the market over a number of years. You will also receive ongoing support, updates, and new material when available.

I work for a business – can we be a part of this?

Yes, of course, you can! There are two ways we can work with organisations. Firstly, you can attend the Langley Group Certified Trainer Course of your choosing as an individual from your organisation.

Or if there is a group of you in your organisation who would like to become Certified Trainers, we can run an in-house for you, that may be more cost-effective.

Your best bet is to contact us to discuss options and pricing.