Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Masterclass

Appreciative Inquiry looks for the best in people, teams, and organisations – the process helps examine the living system and what keeps it energised, engaged and effective

Appreciative Inquiry is a process that focuses on the strengths of the organisation and utilising the current successes. It focuses on ‘growing’ change for the future by examining the best of the present, rather than using the more traditional approach of trying to fix the problems of the past.

“AI involves, in a central way, the art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system’s capacity to apprehend, anticipate, and heighten positive potential.”  (Cooperrrider and Whitney 2005)

Asking the right questions will result in inspiring people to be part of shaping a positive future. This dynamic facilitation process creates change in the moment, enabling a group to come to understand itself differently, and also promotes organisational learning.

The process can be applied in a number of different situations i.e. when assisting people to see what is possible in the future or resolving a tricky situation in the present.

Langley Group has extensive experience in applying the AI model to achieve organisational outcomes.

From a short, small team session to an organisation-wide approach, our facilitators can bring an advantageous external view and an appreciative approach to assist in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Developing purpose and vision
  • Creating change pathways
  • Gathering employee input
  • Solving difficult issues
  • Equipping change champions
  • Agreeing on and embed values and behaviours

Your Langley Group consultant can provide more information and will tailor an AI solution to achieve your outcomes