A next generation approach to personal and workplace wellness

This unique and impactful programme aligns the robust academic research from the area of Positive Psychological Capital, to the key impactful areas being researched in Positive Organisational Scholarship.

Research-basedBased on the recent and extensive theory and peer–reviewed research in the field
Promotes change The programme looks at state-like, rather than trait-like components of an individual, i.e. they can change, and be developed – it is not just “the hand I was dealt”
Positive impact There is a positive impact on the attitudes, behaviours and performance employers expect from their people
HolisticPsychological Capital as a holistic approach predicts change more effectively than each individual component


Positive attitudes and behaviours

Your team members will develop a positive psychological state, optimistic about success now and in the future

Confidence and the desire to succeed

They will have a confidence as well as the efficacy to take on, and put in the necessary effort, to succeed at challenging tasks

A culture of persistence and hope

People will have hope and persevere towards goals in order to succeed. When beset by problems and adversity, your team members will be resilient and even go beyond (bounce back) to attain success

Capability and skills 

Your people will use their emotions intelligently to achieve personal wellbeing and engagement. Strengths development will occur in self and others, enabling higher performance and efficacy