Explore the science of human flourishing

Learn how to build engagement and resilience, improve work-life balance and help to create a positive organisational culture, with the core focus of this programme – emotional intelligence.

Available as two half day virtual classroom workshops and a full day face to face (when regulations allow), this programme builds engagement and resilience, improves work-life balance and helps to create a positive organisational culture.

Working well with others, managing pressure and making effective decisions are critical aspects of the modern workplace.  Given this, a core focus of the Flourish programme is emotional intelligence – where learning how to improve resilience and to use emotions intelligently empowers people to respond effectively, rather than reactively.  It also includes some of the most practical and research-based ways to build resilience, wellbeing and effectiveness at work.


  • Emotional intelligence, positive psychology and brain science research underpins the carefully chosen and structured content

  • Learning is practical, interactive and fun, so participants apply their new insights and strategies straight away in their work and life

  • The approach focusses on providing variety and choice, so people can select and practice the strategies that suit them best

  • Introduces participants to a range of wellbeing strategies so they can achieve more positive outcomes at home and at work

  • Builds an understanding of human connection to help participants increase empathy, establish rapport, build relationships and motivate others

  • Focus on the concepts of social neuroscience and how-to re-wire unconscious bias and stereotypes and build a more inclusive culture


Skills and capability  Understand how emotions influence thinking, behaviour, decision making and performance. Understand the body and brain theory of emotions
Face-to-face learning Skilled and engaging facilitators ensure participants  are engaged, challenged, are able to participate and directly apply learning
Personal development Participants will develop greater self-awareness and personal resilience, and skills in learned optimism to achieve the best outcomes
Increase wellbeing Employees will increase their wellbeing using key tools and theories from positive psychology. Embed new wellbeing habits to build personal and professional performance