Introduction to Strengths

Introduce participants to the concept of strengths, and the link between strengths, positive psychology, engagement and the role that strengths can play in improving performance

Everyone has strengths and the potential to further develop them. Research shows that knowing and growing our strengths helps us feel energised and engaged. We learn faster, perform better and strive to do our best.

Realising strengths and the energy that fuels them is a natural route to enhancing valued business outcomes. Ultimately, the strengths-based management approach is shown to improve employee wellbeing and boost productivity in all areas.

The Strengths Profile tool is a world-leading strengths tool that changes the way we assess, develop and leverage talent in people. Built from a decade of theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology, it has been completed by more than1 million people across 90 countries.

Self-awarenessParticipants will learn about what strengths are, the benefits of using strengths in the workplace, and will start building an understanding of their own strengths and how they can apply these.
Engagement and wellbeing Team members who work to their strengths, will be more engaged, able to support their team members, and prepared to think outside the square.
Better business performance Strengths will enable team members to work at their best and spend more time in an energised space.