Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Improve leadership performance and business outcomes

Gain a competitive advantage for your business by building the emotional intelligence (EI) ability of your current and emerging leaders. 

Considered one of the top skills for leaders of the future, EI differentiates the most successful leaders and the highest performers.

“Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack.” David Caruso

Leveraging positive emotions, and understanding how our emotions integrate with our cognition, is essential for leaders. This two-day programme gives people the science, the research and the practice, as well as the opportunity to reflect, to learn, to think differently and to further develop their own leadership style and see how they can apply it in their work.


  • In-depth exploration of perceiving, using, understanding and managing emotions in relation to self and leadership of others

  • Explores the science behind emotional intelligence and the brain

  • Learning is practical, interactive and experiential

  • Includes completing the MSCEIT – an abilities-based, emotional intelligence test, taking a direct, objective measure of EI

  • Learn how to use positive relationship and communication tools to work with emotions more effectively

  • Pre-course assessment and post-course follow up

  • Reflective activities and tangible development strategies to apply directly in work and life

  • Integrate emotional intelligence knowledge and strategies into teamwork and leadership contexts

LeadershipBuild leaders who are self-aware, self-motivated and empathetic bringing a transformational leadership style to your organisation. Developing the skills required for the future of work
Engagement and Wellbeing Leaders will know how to use emotions intelligently to empower others to be proactive and to respond effectively. Applying their new knowledge about the link between behaviour and emotions, leaders will be able to bring out the best in their teams
Better Business Performance Leaders will be able to successfully engage people to navigate the complex, and fast-changing business environments and be more adaptive in their approach