The Neuroscience of Leadership 

Courses that we offer

We specialise in creating amazing learning experiences from one-hour lunch and learns to six-day immersive leadership programmes. The vibrancy and expertise of our facilitators ensures participant engagement and leaves them wanting more!

This programme provides practical skills and techniques to develop a positive and effective leadership style and is designed to develop leadership capabilities that will enable leaders to succeed now, and through future change. Strength Profile assessments and coaching sessions will support self-reflection and deeper learning.

It presents a new lens through which developing leaders can become powerful enablers of organisational thriving, excellence and renewal, particularly during times of change and restructure. Rather than focusing on identifying and solving problems that prevent people from reaching optimal performance, positive leadership inspires leaders and organisations to deviate from the norm. Positive leaders engage people by emphasising what elevates them, what they do well, and how they can be inspired to deliver extraordinary results.

  • In-depth exploration of positive leadership practices, including climate, relationships, meaning and communication

  • Presents the neuroscience behind the why or behaviour and performance as well as the how

  • Learning is practical, interactive and experiential

  • Learn how to use positive relationship and communication tools to influence and engage

  • Reflective activities and tangible development strategies to apply directly in work and life

  • Geared to help leaders navigate, lead and engage people through innovation and change

  • Supports the setting of positive, meaningful goals to enhance performance

  • Builds on strengths, and includes completion of Expert Strengths Profile and coaching debrief

LeadershipIntegrate masterful leadership practices into your management style
Develop personal leadership style and brand
Understand the why and also the how of brain-based leadership
Engagement and Wellbeing Leverage others by building a strong network and a motivated team
Communicate with influence to engage and bring out the best in people
Better Business Performance Harness strengths to achieve goals, and to better manage others
Build business acumen by linking tasks to strategy