Welcome to Bite Size Flourish

Flourish is Langley Group’s signature one-day wellbeing programme. We have broken this one-day programme down into smaller bite-sized session to offer this to our clients in a more flexible format.

Everything we do at the Langley Group is based on three disciplines- positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

In Bite-Size Flourish we have synthesised the research and science from these three fields into simple tools anyone can use to achieve wellbeing and positive outcomes for yourself and your organisation that are sustainable over time. We bring learning to life with experiential activities and tangible techniques people can apply every day at work to achieve results.

Bite Size Flourish is broken into seven short 30- minute sessions.
Each session builds on the learning and experience from previous sessions.
We have provided a complete facilitator’s pack for consultants, facilitators,
HR business partners to be able to deliver each session independently.

As part of your complete facilitator’s kit, you receive:

  • Facilitator’s guide complete with session plans and instructions
  • Supporting videos to play in-session
  • Participant exercises
  • Handouts
  • Reference materials
  • Resources Kit for exercises (this includes a complete set of posters to use as an alternate to slides, Inspire Action Cards and Resilience Cards)

Session 1
Introduction to Emotions

This session focuses on understanding how the brain works and how it links to emotions and our ability to be emotionally intelligent.

Participants are introduced to the basics of brain functioning and understanding the impact of our emotions on ourselves and others. This session also covers briefly the impact of positive emotion on our wellbeing.

Session 2
Introduction to Mindfulness

This session focuses on exploring meditation and mindfulness as a practice that helps us experience more positive emotions and helps manage our emotional responses better.

Session 3
Managing emotions

This session explores the concept of happiness and ways in which participants can put in place intentional activities in their own lives to experience more positive emotions.

Session 4
Wellbeing Strategies Part 1

In this session, through practical and experiential activities, participants are introduced to a number of wellbeing and resilience strategies that they can add to their personal repertoire of strategies.

Session 5
Wellbeing Strategies Part 2

This session continues to build on the previous sessions through offering more practical and experiential activities for participants to continue to build their personal repertoire of strategies.

Session 6
Building Positive Relationships Part 1

This session explores how we build positive relationships. Participants become aware of the basic functioning of our brains in helping us build more meaningful and authentic relationships with those around us.

Session 7
Building Positive Relationships Part 2

This session builds on the learning and experience of the previous session. Participants delve deeper into the brain functioning and the impact on how we perceive others and become aware of perpetuating biases.