With the days getting warmer and longer, and the air becoming sweeter, Spring has officially sprung! At Langley Group we try to practise what we teach and live positive psychology. So if you are stuck for a new positive habit, check out the Langley Group team’s top habits for living a positive life!


ali-palmer-0001-580x-bw-300x201.jpgAli – “In order to motivate me to exercise more regularly I decided to combine one of my strengths with my new habit; whilst developing the habit of going for a daily early morning walk, I now listen to a podcast or book chapter (I treated myself to a monthly subscription to audible.com). This has enabled me to activate my strength of love of learning whilst embedding my new habit. I can honestly say, I am excited to get out the door each day!!!”



 Frances – “I really enjoy taking photos on my phone each day of moments that bring me happiness and make me smile. Then each night I post them onto an account I have and note what I’m grateful for. I have been doing this for a number of years and have a beautiful collection of photos and memories that I love looking back on!!”

leanne-warner-01-580xbw-300x201.jpgLeanne – “With Spring having Sprung, now is the time to eat light flavoursome interesting fresh ingredients at all meal times. Salads are a healthy and interesting way of getting the nutrients and energy you need. My tip is to bring a bag of interesting seasonal produce into work at the start of the week and then encourage your colleagues to do the same. Start a Salad club where you share the ingredients and take turns making a delicious lunch for each other from what you have in the fridge – I promise it’s anything but boring. Every lunch is different, and it is a pleasure to care for each other.  It’s the gift of goodness!”

sophie-archibald-580x388-bw-300x201.jpgSophie– “I am trying to embed the habit of getting up before 6 each morning to give myself some quiet reflective time before heading to work. During this time I watch the sunrise with a cup of tea, practise my mindfulness, speak to my family back home in the UK and spend time working on my Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. It really puts me in a great frame of mind for the rest of the day! And once at work I am a dedicated member of our lunchtime Fit Club and Leanne’s Salad Club.”

cat-thompson-0001-580x-bw-300x201.jpgCat– “I am wanting to eat more healthily, and Leanne’s Salad Club is an awesome way of doing this!I am also trying to exercise more –Steptember and Fit Club have really helped and so has taking my phone with me on walks so that I can listen to podcasts and take photos of my surroundings – it is making me feel very grateful to live in this beautiful country!”


Yulia– “Mine is to go tosound meditationweekly. I get ridiculous clarity after my meditation and capture this is as short stories in the book that I am writing and hope to one day publish!”


Jacqui – “My top habit is always putting my keys in the same place when I walk in the door – it means I don’t have to waste brain space on remembering where I put them and I can then devote that brain space to more creative pursuits!”

Sue – “I have a few top habits!sue-langley-0001-580x-bw-300x201.jpg

Smiling first thing in the morning!

Putting Wonder Woman on my ceiling above my bed, so I get inspired to get up in the morning.

A walk or run (on the beach if possible) first thing in the morning.  With lovely 1980s ‘hair’ metal to keep me going, or neuroscience lectures. When I run, I grin to myself, at myself – me!  Running! Yeah!  I am an athlete!!!  Got to make it fun! I then do affirmations and visualisation on each end of the beach.

My journal – writing my thoughts, ideas or emotions each day to capture and process

Noting down the three best things at the end of each day.”


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