Predicting the Future

As a species, we have an endless fascination with being able to predict the future – whether calling on Futurists from a business or economic perspective, or even reading our stars for what they may predict for the week ahead.  What will the future bring?

What we do know is that the world is changing and some businesses are leading the way.  A recent article from the Josh Bersin Academy1 caught my eye recently, exploring how leading organisations are structuring themselves, in order to be able to leverage talent, innovate and execute those innovations faster.

Many global organisations have repeatedly made the structural shift from global to local – repeating the same issues over again.  One organisation shifted from one to the other four times in ten years, wasting significant resources along the way.  In the current climate, being able to structure in a way that means faster execution is essential to stay ahead and sculpt the future.

The changing workplace means we have to provide better places to work – ones that help individuals find a sense of meaning, make a difference, aligns to their values, leverages their strengths, and has autonomy and growth.

This can seem a daunting challenge.

Three global organisations that seem to be rising to the challenge are Salesforce, Unilever and Schneider – two of which are mentioned in the aforementioned article.

Leading the Way

Salesforce was named #1 Best Workplace in Australia2 last year – again!  Salesforce focuses on creating a world-class culture that embraces diversity – having just appointed the fabulous Pip Marlow as CEO ANZ – and flexibility.  One that encourages team members to work hard and make a difference.

The Langley Group are honoured to be working with Salesforce with our Positive Leadership and Wellbeing programmes, to continue to build the culture during these times of change and growth for the organisation.

Unilever and Schneider Electric are other global organisations staying ahead of the rest.  Whether it is the dynamic growth of Unilever or the complex change of strategy of the 183-year-old Schneider Electric.  These organisations are doing things differently, and again, the culture they are creating to lead them into the future is key.

The Langley Group have partnered with Schneider Electric for five years at all levels of the organisation in the Pacific Zone.  The culture shift generated interest from the global team and now we are honoured to be working across the whole organisation. Watching the business grow and shift so dynamically is a privilege.  They are trying things and not everything works, yet with the positive culture they have created, they can innovate, execute, test and fail and reset quicker than most.

Unilever are also focused on wellbeing with their internal Inner and Outer Game programme.  As one of Unilever’s partners, once again the Langley Group consider it an honour to be working with a purpose-driven organisation that is all about growth, opportunities and a sustainable future.

The positive strengths-based approach is critical to organisations wanting to stay ahead of the game.

Creating a Positive Climate

It is essential to create a positive climate that individuals want to be a part of, where wellbeing is key, that motivates them to want to come to work.  Positive relationships flourish when attention is given to human connection and flourishing, and where strengths are the basis of performance and delivery.

As employees, we want to feel like we matter and have a sense of contribution, so positive meaning is critical.  What are you doing in your organisation to build a sense of meaning, a sense of making a difference and mattering?

And finally, the focus on positive communication – considering the language used in all interactions, written and verbal.  How do people show up to meetings where you work?  What is the positive : negative ratio?  The use of language is so powerful and changing it can shift the culture significantly.

If you want to know more about how the Langley Group can help you lead the future, get in touch!