Martin Seligman – Where do the initials EP come from?

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In April 2018, Sue Langley and The Langley Group team were invited by the Happiness and Its Causes team to participate in a special event: An Afternoon with Martin Seligman.  The event started with a keynote presentation by Dr Seligman, followed by an interview and Q&A session, hosted by Sue.

In the ninth video of our series covering the interview with Sue Langley, Dr Martin Seligman shares his candid thoughts on his journey into and knowledge of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

Where do the initials E.P. come from? And what is your legacy?


So as we’ve only got a few minutes left, a couple of other personal things. You write about this in your book; you borrowed, the initials E.P. from a previous Head Master I believe, so Martin E.P. Seligman were not really your initials. First of all, why did you do it? What did it give you? And secondly what’s the most amusing, made up thing that people have thought that EP stands for?

Dr Seligman:

Ever Publishing, I think. The Head Master at the school I went to …(a military high school), was Harry E.P. Miselon, and…I recently found out why he called himself E.P., and that’s because the King, not George the 6th (yet) Edward the 7th, the one who abdicated, was E.P., so that’s where Harry got it from.


So he stole too!

Dr Seligman:

Yeah , so he stole too and I’m not E.P.; I’m so glad the Australian addition doesn’t have the E.P in it. I’m not Marty either…,  everyone calls me Marty (yet) I think of myself as Martin, that’s another strange thing: I don’t answer to Marty..I’m not Marty.



Ahhhh. Well I answer to Sue, (yet) if you call me Susan I have been naughty…

So, if you had to think about and I know you got asked this question at PESA the other day, (yet) many of these people were not there and (it) is a question I would love to ask to finish off and (that) is what do you consider your greatest legacy?

Dr Seligman:

That’s a really easy question for me, my legacy is… you….you people. The people, who will take this, take the Johnny Apple seeds stuff that I’ve been part of and grow apple trees with it.


Fabulous. Thank you very much, Marty. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Dr Seligman:
Thank you

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Martin Seligman’s latest book ‘The Hope Circuit: A Psychologist’s Journey from Helplessness to Optimism’ is available in our online shop – find out more here.

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