Mental Health First Aid

Measure, track and take action to proactively prevent the need for mental health first aid, and to foster psychologically safe, flourishing workplaces.

World Leading Wellbeing Assessment

Measuring mental wellbeing can help foster healthy workplaces by proactively managing risks to prevent more serious mental health challenges, focusing on prevention where possible.

Work on Wellbeing is a world-leading assessment tool that revolutionises the way we measure and assess wellbeing for individuals and workplaces. The Work on Wellbeing has been designed, developed and validated by renowned wellbeing researchers and is used by leading global organisations.

Accurately measure holistic wellbeing

Under new workplace legislation employers have responsibility to actively manage mental health and wellbeing in the workplace by measuring, managing, and preventing psychological harm. This includes minimising psychosocial risks such as high job demands, inadequate support, role clarity, poor change management, and inadequate recognition or rewards.

The psychological safety measures have been added to the comprehensive Work on Wellbeing assessment assessment tool, helping organisations manage psychological risks and prevent harm before mental health first aid interventions are required.

Get a holistic view and actionable insights

It is becoming increasingly important for individuals and organisations to learn mental health first aid skills when an emergency situation arises. It is also very important to have processes in place to intervene early, before first aid is necessary.

Work on Wellbeing is a comprehensive assessment which holistically measures wellbeing, including workplace burnout, stress or anxiety. The tool can track these measures alongside other areas of wellbeing, such as psychological safety, or personal health. This can provide deeper insights into the ‘why’, help organisations understand where individuals and teams are thriving, and provide the opportunity for early interventions.

Happier, healthier teams

Work on Wellbeing can support individuals and teams to be happier, healthier, more engaged, and productive which leads to better business outcomes.

Increased productivity

Reduced absenteeism

Positive behaviours

Respond well to change

Simple and customisable

Individuals or workplaces can simply register, then take a quick 10 minute online assessment. This assessment is fully customisable with the opportunity to tap into many scientifically validated tools depending on your areas of focus.

An in-depth report is provided at individual, consultant, or organisational level, including a list of recommended actions that cultivate wellbeing. Results can be tracked over time to easily monitor trends and improvements.

Used by leading global organisations

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