MSCEIT Assessment

Why not take a MSCEIT Assessment today.

Predict, assess, and develop emotional intelligence with the only abilities-based emotional intelligence tool.


As an emotional intelligence measurement and development psychometric tool, the MSCEIT is an abilities – based test, measuring real emotional intelligence skill. Langley Group is proud to be one of the top providers and administrators of this tool. The test measures emotional intelligence, and predicts leadership, interpersonal communication and performance and the results are presented in a comprehensive report.

For organisations keen to start embracing emotional intelligence and leveraging the benefits, then a MSCEIT assessment and a debrief carried out by a qualified practitioner is a great place to start. Participants complete the assessment online – it takes about 40 minutes – and afterwards they receive a 75-minute coaching debrief of the results.  Based on scenarios typical of everyday life, the MSCEIT measures how well people perform tasks and solve emotional problems, rather than having them provide their own subjective assessment of their emotional skills. The test reveals a total EI score made up of a series of other scores, and individual results are analysed against normative samples based on extensive MSCEIT use at research sites around the world.

Skills tested include the ability to:

  • identify emotions expressed in a face
  • create feelings that can help solve problems, communicate a vision or lead people
  • predict how someone will react emotionally
  • enhance decision making by integrating thought and emotion

Our MSCEIT Report paints a complete picture of a person’s real emotional intelligence abilities and includes reflective activities and tangible personal development strategies.