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  • Mindfulness Stickers
    A4 sheet of 24 x high quality, mindfulness stickers to use in your journal, on your laptop, or around your home and office.  Helpful reminders to help you keep calm and centred.
    6 messages x 4:
    • Inhale > Exhale
    • Stop & Breathe
    • Be Present
    • Stop & :)
    • And breathe…
    • Be Mindful
  • Sale!

    Poster – Full Set

    USD $36.73 USD $27.55
    5 x A2 size, 175gsm
    • Emotional Intelligence Poster
    • Positive Communication Poster
    • Mindfulness Poster
    • Brain Poster
    • Strengths Poster
    Perfect for framing or mounting in your home or office.
    Save 20% when you buy all 5 together.
  • A2 size, 175gsm. Perfect for framing or mounting in your home or office.
    "Being mindful and present can reduce stress, provide clarity, and make room for our creativity” Sue Langley
    S.T.O.P. Mindfulness Exercise
    • Smile - Close your eyes, stop what you are doing, and smile
    • Touch - Feel the touch of your feet on the ground. Notice your connection with the floor.
    • One - Take one deep, mindful breath in, hold, and when you are ready, release slowly.
    • Present - Be aware of your body and your surroundings, and when you are ready, open your eyes and return to the present.
  • A2 size, 175gsm. Perfect for framing or mounting in your home or office.
    "Positive communication is key to high functioning relationships at work and at home” Kim Cameron
    • Give your full attention when someone is speaking. If you are busy, let them know and offer an alternative time to speak.
    • Demonstrate you are listening through body language such as eye contact and affirmative gestures. Stay connected.
    • Respond actively and constructively. Use questions and stay solution focused to drive a conversation forward.
  • A2 size. 175gsm. Perfect for framing or mounting in your home or office.
    "Using strengths enables optimal functioning, development and performance” Alex Linley
    • Identify behaviours, thoughts or feelings that feel authentic, energising, effortless and enjoyable for you. These are likely to be your top strengths.
    • Dial Up your key energising strengths and use them to balance those that you fi nd de-energising. Schedule de-energising tasks to balance with those that give you energy.
    • Spot strengths in others by observing people’s natural energy when they are working with their strengths – appreciate and leverage the diversity!
  • A2 size, 175gsm. Perfect for framing or mounting in your home or office.
    "Emotions link to body and brain. By changing either you can influence your emotions.” Sue Langley
    Your brain needs endorphins such as dopamine to fuel it to function effectively. High levels of fuel power your logical, thinking centre or pre-frontal cortex and moderate levels fuel your instinctual, emotional centre or limbic system.
    When you or others are low on fuel, your limbic system will stop talking to your prefrontal cortex – an amygdala hijack! This will be evident in intense or unexpected responses, actions and behaviour.
    Seek regular opportunities to top up dopamine fuel levels in your body using multiple strategies including positive emotions, sleep, healthy food and exercise.
  • A2 size, 175gsm. Perfect for framing or mounting in your home or office.
    "Emotional Intelligence is the intelligent use of emotions” Sue Langley
    Managing Emotions
    • Fuel your brain with dopamine through sleep, healthy diet and exercise, as well as positive emotion. Increase the duration and intensity of emotions such as gratitude, joy, amusement and curiosity.
    • Notice the physiological sensations of negative emotions, such as increased heart rate, breathing or tension. Seek strategies to reduce the duration and intensity before they escalate.
    • Ensure you have a range of proactive and reactive resilience strategies available that can be used for a range of emotions and situations.
  • Positive Emotions Calico Bag
    Reuse-able Calico Bag for your shopping or the library.  Inspired by our Emotions Cards, this bag is designed with increasing your emotional vocabulary in mind. This is key to increasing your emotional intelligence.
    The bag has printed 13 positive emotions, as an ongoing reminder to stay positive and continue to balance out your negative emotions.

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