Certified Trainer – Positive Leadership

Certified Trainer – Positive Leadership

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Build leaders who deliver extraordinary results.

A positive and practical approach to empower leaders to harness their strengths and build a foundation for influence, resilience and success. The virtual programme is grounded in the science of positive psychology and emotional intelligence and translated into tools you can integrate into your own style of leadership.

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Rather than focusing on identifying and solving problems that prevent people from reaching optimal performance, positive leadership inspires leaders and organisations to deviate from the norm. Positive leaders engage people by emphasising what elevates them, what they do well, and how they can inspire them to deliver extraordinary results. This aligns to the new style of leadership for the future – transforming the way you work with your teams, being authentic and adapting to and communicating change.

A two day programme face to face or four online modules:

Day One

  • positive culture and climate
  • increase positive emotions, boost resilience
  • positive leadership principles
  • broaden and build – the psychology of positive energy
  • positive energy network
  • building on strengths for leaders
  • understanding how the brain works
  • the impact of emotions on behaviour, performance, decision-making and relationships
  • influencing as a leader

Day two

  • mission and values – helping establish a positive culture during change
  • research and business case for using and developing strengths
  • working as a strengths-based team – harnessing individual and collective ability
  • Active Constructive Responding (ACR), engaging and inspiring people as leaders
  • active listening and celebrating success

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