Harnessing Strengths Bundle

Harnessing Strengths Bundle

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“Realising our strengths is the smallest thing we can do to make the most difference” – Alex Linley

Enhance your understanding of the importance of using your strengths in your life as well as encouraging and enabling others to do the same. Use these cards to facilitate strengths-based conversations at home or at work, and introduce people to their strengths in simple ways.


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Strengths Profile Cards

Strengths Profile Cards feature 60 strengths drawn from Strengths Profile. These cards are ideal to facilitate strengths-based conversations and sessions to introduce people to their strengths in simple ways without the need for in-depth assessment. You can explore the set or play games to discover your strengths and those of others, or use them as quick reference tools to develop your strengths day to day or harness them toward your goals.

Strength Profile Book

You are remarkable! Do you always realise it? Realise your strengths and you’ll be realising the best of you. Do you want to be confident, successful, and sustainably happy? Do you want to achieve your goals and enjoy better relationships? Leading strengths experts Dr Alex Linley, Dr Janet Willars and Dr Robert Biswas-Diener provide the evidence that shows you how. The Strengths Book reveals the sixty strengths that make us who we are. Bursting with insights on using each strength in relationships, at work and at play, it also gives examples of famous people who share the strength with you. There’s even advice on not taking your strengths too far! If you’re a manager, a parent, a career-changer, or even just you, remarkable as you are, The Strengths Book is for you. Discover your strengths, what you do best, love to do and energises you, and transform your life by realising the best of you.

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