Wellbeing Bundle

Wellbeing Bundle

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Give the gift of wellbeing with this bundle of products that builds resilience, inspires positive action and helps you see the upside of challenging and stressful situations.

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Resilience Cards

  • These cards have been designed to bring to life a smorgasbord of strategies to help you manage your emotions and build resilience.

Inspire Action Cards

  • Our Inspire Action cards are wonderful for enhancing your levels of flourishing. Each of the 56 cards has a different picture on one side, which can be used to facilitate self-reflection and discussion of individual emotions, behaviour, motivation, communication or to give feedback. Each card also bears either an inspirational quote or an action to embed positive psychology practices.

Inspire Action Journal

  • The Inspire Action Journal contains inspirational quotes and actions to embed positive psychology practices. This journal has been designed for you to capture your thoughts, ideas, emotion and goals, and to inspire you and help you achieve those goals by keeping a positive psychology focus.

The Upside of Stress (Kelly McGonigal)

  • In The Upside of Stress, Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., delivers a startling message: Stress isn’t bad. Highlighting new research that indicates stress can, in fact, make us stronger, smarter, and happier if we learn how to embrace it.
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