At Langley Group we work with a broad range of sectors including government, finance, health and human services, utilities, manufacturing and engineering, not for profit and education.

All our work is underpinned by the principles and scientific research of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience.  Our capabilities include leadership and talent development, change management, team development and alignment, culture transformation, engagement, strategy and planning, psychometric assessments and accreditations, personal wellbeing and resilience, and keynote delivery.

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eBook: Tools and Techniques

There are many ways to manage emotions. We need a variety of techniques for a variety of emotions and a variety of situations. This is a starting point. There are many more variations you may want to add. …read more

eBook: Positive Leadership Practices

Learn positive practices to accelerate performance in yourself, your organisation and your team.Leaders who focus on bringing out the best in people and themselves can transform the way their organisation functions and achieve exceptional results…read more

Report: Investing in Business Wellbeing

Empirical research shows that wellbeing is a prerequisite for sustaining success for people and their workplaces, not simply a happy benefit or byproduct…read more

eBook: 7 Ways to Apply Positive Psychology

Learn practical, proven strategies to live a happier, more engaged and more meaningful life. The science of positive psychology contributes new insights and proven strategies to increase wellbeing in individuals, workplaces and communities…read more

White paper: Emotional Intelligence at Work

After years labelled a discretionary “soft skill”, two decades of scientific and business research has demonstrated the value of emotional intelligence…read more

eBook: 10 Brain-Friendly Habits

Learn practical daily habits to optimise your brain’s performance and boost your level of wellbeing. We all want to form lasting habits that improve our health…read more

eBook: Microbiome and the Brain

New developments in neuroscience and the link to the microbiome are revealing some interesting findings that may pave the way to personalised medicine and change the way we view physical and mental health….read more

White paper: The Science and Practice of Positive Psychology

The scientific study of optimal performance and wellbeing is helping individuals, organisations and communities thrive and excel. Far from the popular promotion of happyology, positive psychology is a rich and rigorous study of what makes life worth living…read more

eBook: Harnessing Strengths at Work

Everyone has strengths and the potential to develop them to be the best they can be. This eBook introduces you to some of the most practical and research-backed ways to realise strengths in yourself and others to achieve better performance, satisfaction and fulfilment at work…read more

eBook: How to Lead with the Brain in Mind

Practical, proven strategies to cultivate strengths in students, teachers, leaders, staff and the whole school community. Everyone has strengths and the potential to develop them to be the best they can be…read more

Strengths Profile Brochure

This brochure gives you an overview of the Strengths Profile assessment and development tool (formerly R2 Strengths Profiler or Realise2).Learn more about model and the applications and benefits of using Strengths Profile to unlock strengths potential and performance in individuals, teams and organisations…read more

MSCEIT Brochure

This brochure gives you an overview of the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT). Learn more about the MSCEIT model and the applications and benefits of using MSCEIT to predict, assess and develop emotional intelligence in people….read more

White paper: The Neuroscience of Change

This whitepaper will help you understand how the brain works during change, to help you manage change resistance and develop strategies to maximise our brain’s capacity for neuroplasticity. Read more

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