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Everyday HEROES brings a next generation approach to building personal and workplace wellness.

Do you want:

  • Engaged employees with high levels of wellbeing?
  • Contribution, connection and collaboration?
  • An agile and intuitive workforce that embraces innovation and change?
  • Team members to show up as the best version of themselves?
  • A great and positive brand reputation in the media?
  • People – customers and employees –  to be drawn to you and your brand?

We have taken the robust research that informs the academic work of Psychological Capital and used this as the basis for a unique and impactful programme that brings real, meaningful results and observable change to people and organisations.   Positive Psychological Capital is, in short, the developmental state of an individual as characterised by high self-efficacy, optimism, hope and resiliency.  To put this another way – one that is easier to understand – when certain key elements combine in an individual they will have significant impacts on wellbeing, mental health and resilience, and on the ability to handle change and life.

From a business perspective, there is a positive relationship between Psychological Capital and the desirable attitudes you would want your employees to embrace:  ie job satisfaction, organisational commitment, psychological well-being;  and there is also a positive relationship between Psychological Capital and the desirable behaviours you would want your employees to embrace. There is also a significant negative relationship between Psychological Capital and undesirable attitudes of cynicism, turnover intentions, job stress and anxiety and undesirable behaviours such as deviance.

The HEROES  framework

This programme focuses on best practice and practical tools to build psychological capital along with some of the key impactful areas being researched in positive organisational scholarship. :

  • Hope – future orientation is important during times of uncertainly and change
  • Efficacy – the belief in ourselves and the autonomy to do something and be accountable
  • Resilience – strategies to integrate into your every day to build resilience
  • Optimism – finding a way through, particularly in challenging times
  • Emotional intelligence – using your EI skills to handle yourself and others
  • Strengths – leveraging strengths for optimising performance

For more information on this unique programme.

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