Making Change Positive

Making Change Positive2019-02-08T14:17:20+10:00

Minimising negative impact and maximising engagement during change.

When organisations or government departments embark on large-scale change initiatives, whether to cut costs, institute reform, acquire assets or increase advantage, they often underestimate the hidden costs and human factors. A 70% failure rate is commonly cited for change initiatives designed to improve business performance. This is not surprising when you consider that brains don’t like change even when there may be rational benefits. The brain is wired to perceive changes in our environment as a threat, which biases our perceptions and decision-making. Organisations need to work hard to counter negativity during change and focus efforts on the positive to realise the full potential of initiatives.

This thought-provoking and inspiring keynote or masterclass explores:

  • The psychological impact of change and the neuroscience of threat, reward and emotional contagion
  • Positive approaches that make a critical difference in successful change initiatives
  • Moving from a negative to a positive mindset and culture during the change process.

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