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HR leaders and professionals – this is the toolkit you have been waiting for.

The Positive HR Toolkit gives leaders and HR professionals the solutions to implementing positive people practices in the workplace.  Built on research from positive psychology and neuroscience, the solutions provide simple and easy to use tools for every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Your leading-edge, one-of-a-kind resource giving you the solution to implement positive people practices.


The Positive HR Toolkit is packed with features to help your HR practices move in the the right direction.

  1. A unique tool featuring ten modules to cover the breadth of HR practice
  2. Practical and simple tools for everyday application
  3. Based on the evidence of positive organisational psychology and neuroscience research
  4. Performance development framework to connect everyday goals to the company strategy
  5. Implementation and training support packages
  6. Flexibility to complement existing systems


The benefits of implementing the Positive HR Toolkit in your team and business are exponential.

  1. Support managers to develop a positive leadership style
  2. Unleash the potential of people using strengths based practices
  3. Build positive culture and positive affect
  4. Grow wellbeing, engagement, and performance
  5. Selectively disrupt traditional, deficit model HR practices
  6. Clear the path for higher engagement in a dynamic, changing work environment
  7. Implement agile, adaptive and positive people tools
  8. A future proofing tool for HR practice in a modern workplace

This module introduces positive language, assumption and intent to company policy.

It includes a ready made solution and a policy set which reflects the philosophy and practice of positive organisational psychology and positive HR.

This module introduces tools and processes for attracting and recruiting great people.

The worksheets and templates encourage leaders and recruitment managers to understand the employer brand, complete a needs analysis before recruiting and conduct thorough, strengths-based recruitment.

This module outlines a welcome and induction process. It reflects four key areas of welcome, meaning and purpose, connection and clarity and confidence.

Leaders are encouraged to reflect on the primary goals and framework of the welcome phase.

This module introduces positive compensation, with a broader view of compensation practices as being more than pay and benefits.

This module is influenced by modern motivation theory, research and science.

This module introduces some tools for assessing wellbeing in your workplace.

It also includes a template for a return to work plan to support people coming back to work after injury or illness.

This module includes a positive performance rhythm, templates to support collaboration and a Performance Journal which is designed for employees to manage their performance plans and one to ones.

The templates support leaders and employees to collaborate, reflect, learn and work together to enhance focus and peak performance.

The development module includes positive psychology training resources and activities, a best practice example of a positive development framework, plus tools to support development conversations and reflection on development needs.

The development and learning framework example shows a flexible combination of core learning modules, skill bites and workshops.

This module provides worksheets and tools to assist leaders to gain clarity on succession planning and moving or developing talent within the organisation.

It includes an understanding of the philosophy, plus company, team and individual needs.

This module introduces positive tools to bring legacy and learning to the conversation on transition.

The tools reflect positive language, promote reflection on great times in the employment relationship, focus on the things people have learned at work and reflect on the positive relationships they have made.

This module introduces tools to support leaders with positive team culture and collaboration.

The tools reflect a strengths-based and positive leadership style and are influenced by positive psychology and neuroscience

This helps HR professionals understand where the best opportunity to implement positive practice is in the organisation.

  • A2 Poster for your office wall
  • Positive HR Toolkit pen
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