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We deliver training programmes and in-house workshops that can be customised to suit your talent strategy, business goals, audience and industry.

Whether you are looking to improve performance, define your workplace culture, or foster diversity and inclusion, the Langley Group Consultants can tailor-make lunchtime learning webinars, half day workshops, full day workshops or bigger programmes that can be run across multiple divisions.

Utilising our know-how in positive HR, the neuroscience of leaders, and leveraging emotional intelligence, we can help create more wellbeing in your organisation so that the business can flourish.

Here is a selection of our available programmes.

Positive Leadership

Our unique Positive Leadership Programme offers a new way to develop leaders to become powerful enablers of personal performance and organisational growthread more

Women in Leadership

This two-day programme designed specifically for women to develop the presence, confidence and leadership skills for more senior positionsread more

Neuroscience of Leadership

This programme equips you with the critical knowledge and skills to harness the brain’s potential and lead yourself and others to successread more

Positive Relationships at Work

This one-day programme designed to teach you the tools you need to connect to others, strengthen natural resilience and build positive relationshipsread more

Customer Service Excellence

The Customer Service Excellence programme is a one-day program designed to help you achieve a high level of customer service excellence by tapping into your brain’s potential to make positive connectionsread more

Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

This one-day workshop equips participants with the foundational knowledge and skills to use emotions intelligently at work to improve their self-awareness, effectiveness, resilience and interpersonal skillsread more

If you would like to learn more about how our programmes and courses can assist you in your business

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