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Current challenges are creating new ways of working and opportunities to develop skills to approach stressful and emotional changes, and remain connected while physically isolated.

Langley Group offers a suite of webinars and virtual learning opportunities utilised by our global clients to improve workplace culture, wellbeing, and performance.

Our well-researched scientific content, practical activities and engaging learning experiences facilitated by a professional and experienced team is available at the time and place to suit your people. We use everything we know from neuroscience and positive psychology to generate powerful and practical learning.

We are able to deliver learning through our own digital platform or yours.

We also deliver in multiple languages – German, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, and more!

We suggest the following…

Leading and Motivating in a Virtual World

Learn about the power of social networks to influence. Then harness the science of self-determination theory to support motivation in a virtual world and leverage the science of positive communication to engage and include.

  • Explore the evidence of the power of social networks for positive influence
  • Understand the mechanisms to enhance and create conditions for high levels of motivation
  • Discuss practical strategies to communicate and motivate in a virtual world

Human Connectivity – Retaining Connectedness in Isolated Teams

We all crave positive relationships at work. Inspiring connections with colleagues, bosses, team members and clients can make the critical difference in a rewarding, engaging work life.

Good relationships boost our mood and buffer us when times are tough. They decrease our stress levels, improve our physical health and help us build the resources and skills to collaborate and succeed in our roles.

This session reminds us physical distancing is not the same as social distancing.  This is about using what we know from social neuroscience to find ways to stay connected.

Taking on the Challenge Response

How you view stress will influence how it impacts you.  Ellen Langer’s view of mindfulness provides insight into how our thoughts influence our outcomes.  Being mindless can lead us to categories and then live in line with the rules of that category.

In this session we will look at how we can shift our thoughts around the challenges going on in our lives in a way that could make us happier, healthier and better able to reach our goals.  Providing insight into small things you can do to make a massive difference in how you view your current world.

Positive Wellbeing

When we are feeling uncertain often our basic routines are impacted.  Once this happens and our emotions threaten to overwhelm us, it is easy to slip into ‘less effective’ habits.  Our eating, drinking, exercise and sleeping routines are our foundations and without these it is tougher to handle difficult situations.

Thriving in times of Change

Your ability to anticipate and adapt to change — in other words, your change agility — is a critical core competency in today’s world. The evolving field of neuroscience offers fascinating insights and strategies to help you to react more positively and cope better when confronted with change.

Handling Emotions in Uncertain Times

With the current global situation we are all experiencing changes to our lives.  This session helps address some of the emotions we may be experiencing with changes in our routine, our work, our finances.  Designed to specifically help us handle the emotions that come up along the way and to remain connected to our work and our people.

Below you will find a summary of our current learning modules available to organisations. We are also able to customise content as needed, so please get in touch and we will be happy to work with you to create a programme to suit your needs.


Brain Friendly Habits (one and a half hours)
Create lasting change with simple shortcuts to harness neuroplasticity—our brain’s capacity to adapt and learn.

Mindfulness at Work (one and a half hours)
Explore what mindfulness practice is and what it isn’t, including simple suggestions for how to incorporate mindfulness practice into your day.

Learned Optimism (one and a half hours)
Learn about the pessimistic and optimistic explanatory styles based on Martin Seligman’s three dimensions of pervasiveness, permanence and personalisation.

Cultivating a Positive Mindset (one and a half hours)
Learn how to practice a growth mindset and recognise our unique power to make conscious positive choices in life to improve performance, development and wellbeing.


Emotional Intelligence Part 1 (one and a half hours)
This session provides an overview of emotional intelligence from a brain perspective.

Emotional Intelligence Part 2 (one and a half hours)
Learn to correctly identify facial expressions in others as well as identify strategies to generate more useful emotions and more emotionally intelligent responses

Emotional Intelligence Part 3 (one and a half hours)
Build emotional intelligence capability, increase overall wellbeing and build resilience through a well-researched range of strategies.


Positive Psychology at Work  (one and a half hours)
Investigate why happy employees are more engaged and likely to go beyond their job requirements to give their best effort, translating directly into better business performance.

Leadership Presence (one and a half hours)
Gain an understanding of Executive Presence – what it is, how to enhance it, and the value it can bring.


Realising Your Strengths (one and a half hours)
Release your potential by understanding that strengths are at the heart of positive psychology. Building on what we do well and can do even better, enables us to flourish and succeed.

Strengths-based Performance Conversations  (one and a half hours)
Leaders across every level of the organisation can contribute positively to organisational results by unlocking talent and potential through the identification of strengths.


Positive Parenting (one and a half hours)
This workshop introduces positive parenting practices to become the best parent and help kids become happy, resilient and succeed in life.

The Upside of Stress (one and a half hours)
Changing how you think about stress could make you happier, healthier and better able to reach your goals.  Research on mindset and resilience will help you focus on the benefits of stress and to embrace it.

Your Microbiome: Getting the best out of your bacteria (three one-hour sessions)
Bacteria live in and on us and affect mood and many other things.  These bacteria are known as your microbiota and you cannot survive without them, and they cannot survive without you.


Neuroscience of Innovation (one and a half hours)
Focus on building a positive emotional climate that enables people’s brains to perform at their creative best, boosting innovative output, collaboration and learning.

Neuroscience of Leadership (one and a half hours)
Neuroscience offers strategies to optimise the brain’s performance and increase people’s capacity to lead themselves and others in fast-changing global environments.

Neuroscience of Change  (one and a half hours)
Incorporating the latest research from the disciplines of emotional intelligence, neuroscience and positive psychology, learn theoretical concepts and practical strategies to understand how people respond and react to change.

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