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Access learning at a time and a place that suits your organisation’s needs.

While Langley Group is well-known for providing engaging, challenging and practical face-to-face learning and development opportunities, you are now able to access the same quality Langley Group content and experience through digital means!  You will receive the same well-researched scientific content, practical activities and engaging experiences along with our professional and experienced facilitators at the time and place that suits your people.  We are able to deliver with your own internal LMS or we can provide the learning through our own platform.

The benefits to business of offering virtual learning to their people are significant.

  • Efficient – your people can learn from anywhere at a time to suit them, and there are efficiency gains from the lack of travel to and from a face to face venue
  • Cost-effective – venue costs are no longer an issue, and more people can participate in a session than would usually be able to participate face to face
  • Global reach –  global businesses can service time-zones to suit attendees – our facilitators are adept at delivering late into the night or early morning – whatever is needed
  • Access to more opportunities – your people can learn new skills and improve their performance in bite size chunks
  • Flexibility –  team members can participate when and where it suits them

Below you will find a summary of our current learning modules available to organisations. We are also able to customise content as needed, so please get in touch and we will be happy to work with you to create a programme to suit your needs. 


Brain Friendly Habits (one and a half hours)
Create lasting change with simple shortcuts to harness neuroplasticity—our brain’s capacity to adapt and learn.

Mindfulness at Work (one and a half hours)
Explore what mindfulness practice is and what it isn’t, including simple suggestions for how to incorporate mindfulness practice into your day.

Learned Optimism (one and a half hours)
Learn about the pessimistic and optimistic explanatory styles based on Martin Seligman’s three dimensions of pervasiveness, permanence and personalisation.

Cultivating a Positive Mindset (one and a half hours)
Learn how to practice a growth mindset and recognise our unique power to make conscious positive choices in life to improve performance, development and wellbeing.


Emotional Intelligence Part 1 (one and a half hours)
This session provides an overview of emotional intelligence from a brain perspective.

Emotional Intelligence Part 2 (one and a half hours)
Learn to correctly identify facial expressions in others as well as identify strategies to generate more useful emotions and more emotionally intelligent responses

Emotional Intelligence Part 3 (one and a half hours)
Build emotional intelligence capability, increase overall wellbeing and build resilience through a well-researched range of strategies.


Positive Psychology at Work  (one and a half hours)
Investigate why happy employees are more engaged and likely to go beyond their job requirements to give their best effort, translating directly into better business performance.

Leadership Presence (one and a half hours)
Gain an understanding of Executive Presence – what it is, how to enhance it, and the value it can bring.


Realising Your Strengths (one and a half hours)
Release your potential by understanding that strengths are at the heart of positive psychology. Building on what we do well and can do even better, enables us to flourish and succeed.

Strengths-based Performance Conversations  (one and a half hours)
Leaders across every level of the organisation can contribute positively to organisational results by unlocking talent and potential through the identification of strengths.


Positive Parenting (one and a half hours)
This workshop introduces positive parenting practices to become the best parent and help kids become happy, resilient and succeed in life.

The Upside of Stress (one and a half hours)
Changing how you think about stress could make you happier, healthier and better able to reach your goals.  Research on mindset and resilience will help you focus on the benefits of stress and to embrace it.

Your Microbiome: Getting the best out of your bacteria (three one-hour sessions)
Bacteria live in and on us and affect mood and many other things.  These bacteria are known as your microbiota and you cannot survive without them, and they cannot survive without you.


Neuroscience of Innovation (one and a half hours)
Focus on building a positive emotional climate that enables people’s brains to perform at their creative best, boosting innovative output, collaboration and learning.

Neuroscience of Leadership (one and a half hours)
Neuroscience offers strategies to optimise the brain’s performance and increase people’s capacity to lead themselves and others in fast-changing global environments.

Neuroscience of Change  (one and a half hours)
Incorporating the latest research from the disciplines of emotional intelligence, neuroscience and positive psychology, learn theoretical concepts and practical strategies to understand how people respond and react to change.

If you would like to learn more about how virtual learning can assist you in your business

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